August 22, 2012

book review: ripple the twine

Great for the reader who loves stories about a tight-knit group of friends and dreamy men with accents, Jenn Flynn-Shon's Ripple the Twine tells the story of a hard-working woman at a major crossroads in her life.

The Scoop on Ripple the Twine
A Tomboy-meets-Townie love story and tale about how friendship can save your life. Sara Quinn is a Sportswriter from Boston and over the past year she has started to earn major respect in the local market. In the process, however, she abandoned her personal relationships and put her emotions in the box. Regardless of her self-imposed timeout, a friend introduces her to Ben. With blue eyes, black hair and a brogue, he's her ultimate triple threat. But they connect just as Sara learns that her friends are facing heavy emotional crises. She starts offering advice, becoming a rock for everyone else, and in the process Sara unearths her own long dormant insecurities. But a bag of peanut butter cups and a hockey game won't fix her issues. She's got to move past her emotional past without hiding behind her career for once. She needs her friend's support as much as they need hers and the four will quickly discover that, when they stick together, their offense is virtually unstoppable. 
Well-developed, realistic characters with relatable issues made this book a solid read from the get-go. Sara's band of friends are close and willing to go to great lengths for each other. But each is completely unique, which makes their dynamic all the more interesting.

Plus, you all know how I feel about books written in the sports arena. I love them. As a female journalist who never had the courage to break through that gender gap, I found Sara all the more appealing as a character. She is someone you can admire.

For every woman struggling in the dating world without much promise of a break in the steady stream of losers (Am I revealing too much about myself in this post?), the struggles of Sara and her friends hit close to home. With witty writing made many of their moments laughable, which in turn helped me laugh at myself. That is always a good sign.

Which is why it was easy to wonder if Mr. Heartthrob himself was too good to be true. Ben was adorable and someone I crushed on quickly. But thanks to Sara and I's reserve, I too took my time to completely judge him.

Written well and at a steady place, Ripple the Twine is a solid debut fiction novel. I look forward to seeing Flynn-Shon's future projects.

Rating: 4 of 5

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Author Bio
Jenn Flynn-Shon is an author, born and raised in the Boston-area but currently living and working in Phoenix. She quite happily lives, child-free, with her husband in the Valley of the Sun. She is an avid recycler, upcycler, and refuser of superfluous things. Love of sports is a cultural experience, an almost mandated way of life for most Bostonians, and Jenn is no exception to that rule. Jenn loves to travel, read, spend time with family and friends, and blog. Ripple the Twine is her first fiction novel.

Connect with Jenn
Ripple the Twine: http://http//

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  1. Thanks so much for your review! Your kind words, 4 stars (woo hoo!) and understanding of the story's inner subtleties literally just made my day :-)

  2. Sounds like it has everything I enjoy all in one book. Hard for me to pass up a good love story and this one seems to have much more than that, which is what I look for.