August 8, 2012

certifiably crushable

Remember your first crush?

Mine was Prince Eric. With his broad shoulders, thick black hair, piercing blue eyes and a sense of adventure to match my own, he had my 3-year-old heart in his clutches before the chorus finished singing "Fathoms Below."

My second crush was a boy who lived down the street. He moved before kindergarten, tearing me to pieces in the process. I thought I might never love again.

But my third crush was the soft-spoken, horse loving hero of the Little House series. At 7, I knew Almanzo Wilder was the man for me. Every time I have gone back to those books, he is always there: reliable, dependable and still devastatingly crushable.

I have been a boy crazy reader ever since.

For the next several weeks, I will pay homage to the literary men who captured my heart -- and on occasion, my lusty thoughts. I will delve into my favorite quotes, moments and how they make me swoon by existing even in an imaginary sense.

Join me as I countdown my top 10 literary character heartthrobs in a new blog series, Certifiably Crushable, which begins, tomorrow.

In the meantime, you dish: Who is your biggest character crush?

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  1. You will laugh at this...when I was in 4th grade I read David Copperfield and loved it. Then right after I finished the book, I saw the magician David Copperfield on TV, and for a moment I thought it was the same person I had read about...and he was so handsome! I was disappointed when it hit me that it was NOT the same person.That was probably first, but Manly - and also Cap - came shortly thereafter, as did Gilbert Blythe, and they all 3 are still tops. I never did like Laurie at all - I was SO glad Jo turned him down.

  2. character crush?
    lemme think...

  3. Teddy from LM Montgomery's "Emily" books. Gilbert, from "Anne", too, of course, but Teddy was always my one true love ;)