September 3, 2012

book review: finding out

A thirty-something woman's life is thrown into personal and financial upheaval when her prince charming turns out to be a toad in Sheryn MacMunn's Finding Out.

After seven years together, Sheila Davenport comes home from a business trip to find her boyfriend, Joe, has moved out, left her for another woman and cleared the bulk of their joint account. While her friends encourage her to move on and find someone else, Sheila is left to deal with the aftermath, which includes the need to find new bedroom furniture and pay months of unpaid bills left by her ex-creep. Throw in job drama and her life looks pretty bleak.

Then, Sheila befriends her next door neighbor, and 86-year-old woman with a full past. Through their friendship, Sheila develops the perspective and backbone necessary to tackle her issues.

Finding Out is a fast-paced, emotional read. The book starts quickly with Sheila standing in front of her apartment, begging her boyfriend not to leave, and does not stop moving from there. Where it could have focused on her moving on to date other men or embracing her life as a single woman, instead it shows a young woman coping with the loss of a long relationship and coming to understand how and why it deteriorated.

At the same time, the connections Sheila has to her friends are strong and supportive, but the relationship she builds with Ruth is wonderful. At times heartwarming and others heartbreaking, Ruth's rich past was a pleasure to read.

Though Sheila's story is filled with turmoil that had me turning the pages quickly to find out how it resolves, their is underlying hope and desire.

MacMunn's writing style is enjoyable to read, and I look forward to seeing future stories from her in the future.

Rating: 4 of 5

About the Author
Sheryn MacMunn attended University of Massachusetts and Simmons College School of Management, where she earned her MBA. She worked in New York City for years in advertising. This is the first novel for Sheryn. Her next novel will be released in fall 2012.

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