September 6, 2012

book review: free gift with purchase

Two sisters give finding love a second chance in Jackie Pilossoph's Free Gift With Purchase.

Emma was widowed and left to raise her daughter alone, while her older sister, Laura, recently split from her husband of more than 20 years after he left her for one of the women he was sleeping with. Both sisters are completely different. Emma is more fun-loving while Laura is responsible. Both rely on each other as they enter the dating world for a second time, now in their 40s.

While each copes with issues from their past, each enjoys relationships with varying types: womanizers, stalkers, liars and a string of Matts. Some of serious, some care-free, but all of them help each woman come out of her shell to make the change necessary to develop their lives.

Emma and Laura's relationship is strong, which adds to the strength of the story. Their connection to each other is deep. More than sisters, they are best friends who will comfortably lay down the truth for the other when she needs it, which is often. Watching each sister emerge into her own was entertaining and enjoyable to watch.

Aside from their relationship, the sisters are also close to their mother, who adds a nice blend of humorous and emotional moments to the book.

My favorite part of the story was following the many dates and hook-ups these women had. From bad to great and everywhere in between, Emma and Laura work their way through some real characters. These relationships had me laughing out loud and cringing at the same time. So much fun to read.

Having previously read Jackpot!, I can say with certainty that Pilossoph has quickly become one of my new favorite authors to follow. Her stories have depth while keeping a certain light-heartedness about them. Both books were fast-paced, fun and easy to navigate and an all-around pleasure to read.

Check back tomorrow to learn more about the author.

Rating: 4.5 of 5

About the Author
Jackie Pilossoph is also the author of Jackpot! (read my review of it here) and Hook, Line and Sink Him. She is a freelance corporate and newspaper reporter, and columnist for the Pioneer Press. Pilossoph holds a masters degree in communication from Boston University, and is currently working on her fourth novel.

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