September 3, 2012

book review: rescue me

A bad boy gets reformed and a prodigal daughter returns to her roots in Rachel Gibson's Rescue Me.

Back in Lovett, Texas, the story revolves around Sadie Hollowell, the daughter of a widowed rancher, and Vince Haven, ex-Navy Seal and big brother to the heroine of Any Man of Mine. (Read my review of Any Man of Mine here.)

Sadie is back in the town she left behind after high school to play the role of thirty-something bridesmaid to her twenty-something cousin. Dreading the questions of why she is unmarried and why she does not come home to visit her daddy more, Sadie asks Vince to be her date to the wedding. In town to visit his aunt, Vince is not looking for any strings, but finds himself tagging along as repayment for an earlier favor.

After circumstances keep Sadie and Vince in Lovett longer than expected, the sexual tension between them grows. Ultimately, they decide to become friends with benefits, but how long can that last when feelings develop?

As to be expected, Gibson's latest novel carries her signature humor and sizzle. At the same time, she captures the quirky character of small-town Texas. The mixture of funny supporting characters, really makes Sadie and Vince's world come to life. I am always a fan of a humorous portrait of small town America, and this delivered. The cooky locals had me laughing out loud, or cringing in sympathy, throughout the story.

Sadie and Vince were solid leads. Though not directly one of my Chinook hunks, Vince is definitely crush-worthy. He is a mixture of bad boy, tough guy and bad ass with just enough damaged past and sensitivity to make him totally adorable. Sadie was feisty and relatable. I could see myself diving into a serious friendship with her and dishing stories about sexy men and handbags over a glass of wine on a porch.

Fast-paced, the humorous story also had enough emotion and turmoil to keep my gut in a twist. This was a quick read that kept me company for a few hours on a Friday night. Gibson is a consistent author who never disappoints me. Now I just can't wait until her next book comes out.

Rating: 4 of 5

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