September 2, 2012

book reviews: august 2012 recap

I was a bad little girl and posted only a few book reviews last month. Fortunately, the reads were pretty solid. Here is a rundown of the books featured on the blog in August.

Viewer Discretion Advised by Cindy Roesel
After losing her job at a TV station in Los Angeles, Charley Thomas takes a job in Miami hoping to add some spice to her life and to learn from the best in the industry. The best, who happens to be her new boss Jonathon Lefton. With his high demands and the always over-the-top on- and off-air talent, it does not take long before Charley feels the heat.

When one a nude photo scandal breaks out surrounding one of the TV anchors, it hits the fan. A frenzy of coverage and sensationalism ensues to ensure their station hits No. 1 in the ratings, while hoping to snag a few Emmys in the process.
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Rating: 4 of 5

Rum Punch Regrets by Anne Kemp
Recovering from an awful break-up (lying cheater) and receiving a pink slip at work (start-up jerks), Abby licks her wounds by going to the Caribbean as a favor to her big sister/mother figure. The favor: Sell her sister's secret island property before her husband finds out she even owns it. The property turns out to be more than a vacation escape. It is La Cantina, a bed and breakfast, which comes complete with visitors, native caretakers and a long-term tenant living in the pool house.

Abby's already complicated life grows more complex with the discovery of a secret relative, appearance of not one, but two romantic interests and the realization that her life's purpose might be waiting on that island.
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Rating: 4 of 5

Ripple the Twine by Jenn Flynn-Shon **READ OF THE MONTH**
Great for the reader who loves stories about a tight-knit group of friends and dreamy men with accents, Jenn Flynn-Shon's Ripple the Twine tells the story of a hard-working woman at a major crossroads in her life.

Well-developed, realistic characters with relatable issues made this book a solid read from the get-go. Sara's band of friends are close and willing to go to great lengths for each other. But each is completely unique, which makes their dynamic all the more interesting.
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Rating: 4 of 5

In a Fix by Linda Grimes
Exciting and fast-paced, In a Fix was a quick read. Though the world of auras was a bit confusing, it was not a detractor. I love a well-developed alternate, fanciful world, and this one was particularly interesting to follow. Urban fantasies are a fairly new sub-genre for me, and one I like. I can already feel my mid working to create its own version.

Ciel is a strong protagonist, which ultimately carries this story far. Her professional and personal lives collide, and I felt completely invested in seeing how everything played out for her. From looking at the cover, you can already tell she is a badass, and she does not disappoint as you turn the pages.
Read the rest of the review here.
Rating: 4 of 5

Again, apologies for the slackery. August was a crazy busy, but exciting month filled with two trips, job interviews and leaving one job to start another (excuses, excuses, I know), but I promise to be better in September. In fact, the month will start off right with four new book reviews up, tomorrow, in another review-a-palooza.

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