September 26, 2012

interview with the author of 'true love way'

I am pleased to welcome Nancy Scrofano, author, blogger and more, to Change the Word for an interview as part of her True Love Way blog tour. Thanks for joining us, Nancy.

Change the Word: What kind of planning do you do before writing your books?
Nancy Scrofano: Before writing my debut novel, True Love Way, I wrote down the basic plot followed by a longer synopsis. Then, I worked on character development and wrote an outline for the whole book, chapter-by-chapter and scene-by-scene. I went through the same process before starting to write my second book.

CTW: How did you come up with the idea for True Love Way?
NS: My friendships that originated in elementary school and lasted through college were the initial inspiration for True Love Way. After college, we grew apart. I wanted to write about childhood friendships that turned into adult friendships so I could explore how they transition and change throughout the years. I wanted to see what would happen if something forced two childhood friends to work out whatever problems they had. The main character had to be stuck in the past because the story would essentially be about how she finally moves forward with her life. I wanted to give her a huge obstacle that would be the ultimate test of friendship and forgiveness. From there, the specifics of the story, setting, and characters took shape.

CTW: What is the biggest lesson you learned while writing this book?
NS: Never give up! The lessons I learned actually came after I wrote the first draft. While I was writing that very first, very rough draft, the goal was to have fun and finish it. I didn’t set my sights on signing with an agent and getting a publishing contract at that phase. I just wanted to see if I could actually complete a full-length novel. But once I accomplished my original goal, then the real work began as I revised and edited, because by that time, I had a new goal, and I really wanted it to be published. There were many times that I thought no one would ever read my book and they certainly wouldn’t like it if they did. It was definitely discouraging sometimes, especially when I was stuck and scenes weren’t turning out on the page the way I saw them in my head. Writing can be a frustrating process, but ultimately rewarding. I learned that if I believe in a story, love it, and think it’s worth telling, then there’s a really good chance other people will think so, too.

CTW: How do you overcome writer's block?
NS: When I'm stuck and looking for inspiration, I listen to music. Music really helps my writing. It helps me clear my head, refocus, and generate new ideas. I'm always on the lookout for new songs and new artists, even if they aren't necessarily "new" but just new to me. Music helps get the creative juices flowing.

CTW: What is the best writing advice you ever received?
NS: “Less telling, more showing.” Several early readers of True Love Way told me that. I’m so thankful for that piece of advice because it made me realize that the descriptive portions of my novel needed improvement. All of the notes from beta readers, especially my publisher’s notes, really helped me write a better book. I knew they had the book’s best interest at heart, so their constructive criticism was very important to me.

CTW: How about the worst?
NS: “Write what you know.” That advice is often given to writers, and I’ve heard it many times, but it’s incredibly limiting and boring. Part of being a writer is exploring new things and constantly learning. Without research and new discoveries, it would be difficult to write a story of any real substance and create characters that are realistic. Besides, does any fiction writer truly know their story and characters when they begin writing? The unfamiliarity of something new is exciting, and the development is gradual throughout the writing process. I think writers should take the challenge and write what they don’t know. I’ll admit that writing True Love Way was very much in my comfort zone, but I think that’s only natural for a debut novel. My second novel is something completely different, and I love that I’m growing as a writer.

CTW: What's your favorite latest read?
NS: I read Sophie Kinsella’s book, I’ve Got Your Number, a few months ago. It was fantastic! I loved it! It’s a hilarious, unique way of putting two people together to fall in love. Main character, Poppy, is endearing, upbeat and funny, yet also down-to-earth, which makes her such a lovable character. What an entertaining read. It’s definitely one of my favorites.

CTW: I loved that one, too. What is up next for you and your writing career?
NS: I’m working on a young adult novel. It’s chick lit for teenagers. The manuscript is complete, so I’m revising it and editing it now. I’m also working on something that will be a surprise… so I can’t say much about it yet!

CTW: Anything else you would like to share?
NS: If you haven’t read True Love Way yet, I hope you’ll get a copy and let me know what you think. I’m extremely proud of it and hope you enjoy it! I love hearing from readers, so please feel free to get in touch.

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Nancy Scrofano is the author of True Love Way. She is a freelance writer, and she is the founder and managing editor of The Chick Lit Bee, a book blog that promotes and celebrates women’s fiction. Nancy is at work on her next novel. For more information, please visit

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