October 11, 2012

behind the scenes with me

It's no secret: I have been a slacker blogger the past, oh, six weeks. As much I hate to be a slacker anything, I'll pardon myself on this one, because it was for a great reason: I finished my old job and started my new one.

Now that I have four weeks under my belt at the new gig -- which I enjoy and makes me very happy, thank you very much -- I look forward to getting back into a regular routine. That means catching up on overdue book reviews (thank you, dear, sweet, patient authors who have waited weeks or months for a review) and finishing up series (I know you all wonder who will make my top six crushable men).

But before that, I thought I would fill you in on what I have been up to in my almost hiatus. I admit, for a while there, the act of physically reading or writing was too difficult for me, I had to come up with other ways to spend my time. Even writing about it was too taxing, but fortunately I took photos of some of my goings on. So here's some of my recent adventures, as told by photos.

I tried, and failed, to make lady fingers.
More about this misadventure in my next
Reading in the Kitchen, which will be posted
whenever I get around to it and off my lazy
easily distracted duff.
I left my old job and my beautifully cultivated
collection of mustaches. You'll also note
football season started, and as a Huskers and
Packers fan, I'm sure you can understand
my recent turmoil and will respect my pain
and sadness at this time in both their
seemingly ill-fated seasons. The only team
having a worse year is my Fantasy Football
league, which is now 1-4. I'm still hopeful, but
not optimistic, Cinderella's Fellas will make a
triumphant return in the next part of the season.
I babysat my parents blind, but totally adorable puppy.
I got back into crocheting, starting with these three potholders.
I made them while listening to Nora Roberts audio books.
Incidentally, I made my way through my local branch's
entire Nora collection. Sad day.
Then I made a ruffle scarf.
And another.
I started my new job as communications coordinator at a
museum. A quilt museum. And that's a block on a newly
acquired quilt. A LIW block on a newly acquired quilt.
My life is awesome. For serious.
I drank a bunch of pumpkin spice lattes.
Hell. It's only Oct. 11. I'll probably have
another dozen or so before the season is done.
Once I had the reading urge back,
I re-read parts of the 50 shades trio.
I made a baby blanket.
Then I crocheted a throw. This photo was taken before
I decided to add some bling and sew sequence all over it.
Fall TV started, and Bingley and I got into kitten cam.
So as you can see, I've been super busy living an obviously exciting life. But now I'm ready to get back to the business of novelizing, blogging and reviewing. Just in time, too. NaNoWriMo is almost here.

Back to our regularly scheduled programming soon enough, my friends. Soon enough.

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