November 27, 2012

interview with the author of 'falling for you'

Blogger's Note: I'm pleased to welcome Heather Thurmeier to the blog as part of her Chick Lit Plus blog tour for Falling for You. After sharing an excerpt and reviewing her book, yesterday, I have the opportunity to share an interview with the author, today. Enjoy!

Change the Word: How did you come up with the idea for Falling for You?
Heather Thurmeier: I’ve always enjoyed watching reality TV shows… Okay so I’m a bit of a reality TV junkie. There, I admit it. J But I’ve always wondered what makes a person want to go on one of these shows. I love to watch them, but the thought of going on one as a contestant is terrifying! That initial thought sparked a landslide of questions and then the plot for Falling for You just started coming together.

CTW: How did reality shows like “The Bachelor” and “The Bachelorette” contribute to your telling of the story?
HT: They contributed a lot! I love to watch both of those shows. I’ve always wondered about the contestants and the things that go on behind the scenes. Those shows were definitely a starting point for my story. But I didn’t want to make the reality TV show in Falling for You be exactly like what you see on TV. So my book has some similar aspects — one bachelor and 10 woman to date! — but the format of the show is different. I want readers to feel like the show in my book is familiar, but not a copycat. I want to keep the readers guessing about what will happen next! I hope I succeeded!

CTW: What’s a good tip for keeping romantic relationships in a story realistic?
HT: I think the best thing to remember is that no person in real life is perfect so your characters shouldn’t be either. When you give your character realistic challenges, flaws and personality traits to deal with, you naturally create more drama for your characters. I think when you bring those imperfections to life for your characters, the readers become more deeply invested in them and that helps to make the relationships in the book more meaningful.

CTW: I find writing steamy canoodling scenes difficult, any advice on that front?
HT: I used to find them difficult to write and sometimes still struggle a little. I found the less I try to censor myself, the easier the scene is to write. I have to force myself to stop thinking about how my mom, or my friends—or *blush* my husband’s grandmother!—are going to read this steamy scene I’m writing. If I can forget about who’s going to read my work and just listen to the characters and what they want to do in the moment, it’s so much better for everyone!

CTW: Speaking of advice, what is the best piece of writing advice you ever received?
HT: The best advice I’ve received is to keep writing. Writing a book is difficult, but there is so much more that comes after that. It’s important to not get discouraged if that first book you write doesn’t get picked up by an agent or sold to a big publisher right away. You have to keep writing. Write the next book and the next and the next. Sooner or later, you’ll write the one that really takes off.

CTW: What plotting devices do you use to write a book?
HT: When I get ready to write a book, I start with the idea and then I ask myself a bunch of questions about the plot, characters and setting. Once I think I know where I want the story to go, I write a fairly detailed outline. It doesn’t have every single scene included, but it does give me a very clear idea of how I’m going to get from Chapter One to The End. And it is usually a great tool to help me see where my story is lacking conflict or character development so that I can fix those things before I even start writing.

CTW: How does having more experience as a writer help compared to writing that debut book?
HT: I think you learn something new with each book you read or write. My writing has changed a lot since the very first draft of my very first book. I feel like a different writer in some ways. And I’m excited to see what my 10th book will be like, or my 20th. I can’t even imagine now what my writing will be like by then, but the possibilities for improvement are very exciting.

CTW: What is one thing (snack? Favorite pen? Comfy chair?) you have to have when you write?
HT: I really just need somewhere quiet where I can hear myself think. I have trouble blocking out the noise around me when I’m trying to hear my character’s story in my head. My first choice writing environment is always one that is quiet or at the very least has some kind of white noise. Right now, I’m listening to the dryer. ;) If I can’t get quiet, say because I’m in a coffee shop or the kids are home and watching a movie, then I use my sound machine app to find something soothing to listen to like wind chimes, a thunderstorm, or wind howling. With a quiet environment, the voices in my head get very chatty and usually are eager to share their story with me.

CTW: What is next for your writing career?
HT: Up next, I have the rest of the reality TV romance trilogy coming out. Stuck on You (book 2) will release in Feb 2013 and Lost Without You (book 3) will be released a little later in the year. I also have my first paranormal romance to release in early 2013, which will be the start of a new series! And I’m always plotting a few more stories in development so we’ll have to wait and see which one of those I decide to write next.

CTW: Anything else you would like to share?
HT: I know it can be hard to take the plunge and try a “new-to-you” author, but I hope you will take a chance and read Falling for You. I strive to make each book an entertaining experience for my readers. You will not find anything dark, heavy-hitting or controversial in my books. But you will find humor, sexy heroes, strong heroines, and a bit of steaminess in the bedroom!

Thank you so much for having me here today! I’m happy to answer any other questions people may have for me. Just leave a question in a comment!

Happy reading!

About the Author
Heather Thurmeier is a lover of strawberry margaritas, a hater of spiders, and a reality TV junkie. She was born and raised in the Canadian prairies, but now lives in upstate New York with her own personal romance Hero (aka her husband) and their two little princesses. When she's not busy taking care of the kids and an adventurous puppy named Indy, Heather's hard at work on her next romance novel.

"Heather Thurmeier's hunky heroes and feisty heroines will have you laughing out loud, falling in love ... and coming back for more!" ~ Carly Phillips, NY Times Bestselling Author

"Heather Thurmeier writes sweet, funny romances that capture your heart!" --NYT and USA Today bestselling author Jennifer Probst

Love and Lattes, Love on Landing, Love or Luxury, Bunny Hills and Bikinis, Falling for You ~ Available now!

Stuck on You, Lost without You ~ Coming Soon!

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Facebook: HeatherThurmeierAuthor

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  1. Good luck with the trilogy, Heather! Wishing you many sales.
    -R.T. Wolfe

    1. Thanks, R.T. I love the way the trilogy came together and I think readers will be pleasantly surprised and satisfied with book 3. ;)

  2. Thanks for featuring Heather and Falling For You!

  3. Great interview, Heather! Wishing you the best with your writing!

  4. Wonderful interview. I am always in awe of writers who can produce trilogies! Best of luck with them!

  5. Terrific interview, Heather! I'm a reality junkie too(Dancing with the Stars, American Idol, Big Brother, the Bachelor(ette), For Love or Money... "Falling for You" was up my ally and so much fun to read! You know how to write funny. That's not always easy. Looking forward to reading the next two books in your trilogy!

    1. Thanks, Robyn! I'm glad you enjoyed the book. I think you'll be happy with the rest of the trilogy too!! The hero I wrote for Paige in book 2 is delicious. And I think you'll be very interested to read Zoe's story in book 3 because she isn't who you think she is!

  6. Great interview, Heather. My mom loves reality TV and I'm going to give her FALLING FOR YOU as a Christmas gift! May you have many, many sales!