February 17, 2013

darcy: who wore it best?

Last night, my mom and I went to the L.A. Theatre Works production of Pride and Prejudice at the Lied Center for Performing Arts.

Here's a couple of photos from our evening of fun:

This adaptation of Jane Austen's beloved play is actually a staged production of a radio performance. During intermission, mom and I discussed how interesting this method was with a couple we know from church. As the gentleman said, you could close your eyes and imagine the story without seeing it thanks to their efforts.

I enjoyed watching this performance, but after seeing another man play Darcy -- and this actor did an excellent job -- I started thinking about the many men who have played Mr. Darcy over the years. So in the name of science, and my curiosity, I wanted to ask you readers: Who wore Darcy best?

Option 1: Laurence Olivier (1940)

Photo Courtesy of ABC.

Option 2: Colin Firth (1995)

Photo Courtesy of ABC.

Option 3: Colin Firth (2001, 2004)

Photo Courtesy of the Guardian.

Option 4: Mathew Mcfadyen (2005)

Photo Courtesy of BBC.

Option 5: Daniel Vincent Gordh in the Lizzie Bennet Diaries

Photo Courtesy of ABC.

Based on this article (WARNING: there is a Downton Abbey spoiler in it.) we may be able to add another stud to the line-up: Downton Abbey's Dan Stevens. After you finish telling me who your favorite Darcy is, I'd like to hear your thoughts on seeing Matthew Crawley become another face of Darcy.

Oh, and quick note, if you prefer Martin Henderson, who played Darcy in the 2004 Bollywood film, Bride and Prejudice, feel free to cast your vote for him. Frankly, I couldn't find a good enough photo to grab, so I left him off the official list.

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