March 24, 2013

book review: highlander most wanted

Maya Banks' Highlander Most Wanted tells the story of love prevailing over pain, set in the picturesque Scottish Highlands.

A year ago, Genevieve McInnis was kidnapped en route to her betrothed and taken prisoner by Ian McHugh, the cruel son of a laird, who was determined to have her for his own. Not only did he take her captive, but he cruelly made her his mistress, an object of ridicule amongst his clan and left her beloved parents to think her dead. As an extra blow, he scarred her once perfect face, telling her no man but him would want her. After he is killed for crossing the Montgomery clan, her only wish is escape to a convent where she can live the rest of her years overcoming the shame.

Plans change when the beautiful ladies man Bowen Montgomery enters the scene. He is instantly intrigued and captivated by the still lovely woman with pain in her eyes, but strength and dignity underlying it. He quickly falls in love and vows to give her a life free from the suffering she has endured.

But with many obstacles standing in the way of their happiness, can Bowen and Genevieve ever hope of building a future together?

I went into this read with high expectations. I've loved a good historical romance set in the Highlands since reading Julie Garwood's Saving Grace when I was twelve, and after devouring the rest of her historical Scot books, I've been hard-pressed to find another series that met the standard set by them. Highlander Most Wanted was a quick read with loads of appealing characters that pretty much lived up to the hype.

This book had a lot working for it. There's a damaged, but strong heroine in need of heeling. There's a flirty rake in need of reformation. There's cruel clansmen, kind clansmen and meddling family members. There were horses, a battle scene, hunting and bathing in a stream. There was questionable pasts, hidden motives and a passionate love affair.

In short: Highlander Most Wanted is everything a fan of historical romances set in the highlands of Scotland could want.

Genevieve was a strong heroine with more flaws than you often find in a romance novel. In addition to the physical marks left on her face, her perceived damaged reputation and some of the questionable choices made in her past, she is also strong, caring and self aware. Watching her rediscover happiness and self worth made this book worth the read.

And can we talk about Bowen? This guy has a heart of gold, depth and serious stud qualities, I lost my own heart to him during the reading. Though there can be only one love for him, he proves himself a prince of the universe by putting Genevieve's needs above his own.

Like those puns I worked in from Highlander? I know, I know, I just proved how witty and cool I am. I might as well figuratively drop the mic and exit the stage, because I'll never top my cleverness now. But first the review's conclusion...

Highlander Most Wanted was a solid read that made me want to devour the other books in the Armstrong and Montgomery series.

Rating: 4.5 of 5

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