March 2, 2013

book review: how to get over your ex

Breaking up is hard enough, but being jilted by your boyfriend on radio and becoming a national laughing stock or poor dear (depending on who you ask) proves to offer a good story and plenty of sizzle in Nikki Logan's How to Get Over Your Ex.

Georgia Stone pops the question to her longtime boyfriend on a radio station's leap year Valentine's Day special only to get turned down and find out her boyfriend never thought their relationship was serious. Determined to hide under a rock until everyone in London stops talking about her failure, Georgia knows she needs to take some time to discover herself and rebuild the confidence she lost. When an unexpected offer arises, she finds the path of self discovery might be drastically different than she bargained for.

Zander Rush is not looking for strings. With his own sad story of being ditched, he feels a kind of connection to Georgia, because he can relate. As the station manager who ran the show that led to Georgia's embarrassing situation, he comes up with a way to make the situation easier for her while also fulfilling her yearlong contract with the station. Sparks fly as they spend more time together, and each develops feelings neither of them wanted to experience.

Another cute, quick and accessible read from the KISS line, I found myself connecting with both characters from the start. Georgia is sweet, Zander is sexy and both are deliciously damaged. (We've been over this -- I like characters who are damaged goods.) Their chemistry is obvious from the moment they share an awkward and uncomfortable elevator ride, and carries on throughout the story.

The book started fast, which is a definite plus. Though it slowed a little following the frenzy of the first several pages, once Georgia and Zander made their deal, it picked up once again and moved quickly until the end.

The deal Georgia and Zander make, which I don't want to get into, because the results are the best parts of the story, made this a clever and unique read. It led to multiple opportunities to put these characters together in romantic, high stress or some combination of the two situations, and I loved it.

The second book I read in the KISS line, it's safe to say I like the direction this line is taking in providing fast-paced and entertaining reads.

Rating: 4 of 5

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