March 3, 2013

book review: the one that got away

More than 10 years after a week of limitless passion ended badly, a couple finds themselves connected again in Kelly Hunter's The One That Got Away.

Evie is days away from landing a major building contract, and all she needs to secure the deal is a serious influx of cash flow. When her business partner, Max, proposes a marriage of convenience to access his trust fund, which otherwise won't kick in for another two years, the thought holds more than a little merit. Disillusioned with love and marriage, she figures she has nothing to lose.

And then Logan Black re-enters her life. Ten years earlier, the two had a week-long affair that brought out a side neither of them knew they had within. Logan is not pleased to see her again, because of the emotions she draws out in him. Meanwhile, an older and wiser Evie finds herself wanting to delve deeper into their relationship, but this time she will be the one calling the shots.

With plenty of past demons to fight and a whole lot of issues, Evie and Logan must convince themselves, and each other, their relationship is worth pursuing.

With the many sides and emotions of Evie and Logan, I found myself drawn to their story and eating up every bit of sizzle that passed between them. Grown up Evie is in control of her life, and has an enviable confidence, while also having enough confusion and worry to make her relatable and sweet, which made her accessible. But that confidence also makes her admirable and strong, which is a trait I am loving in this new KISS line of books.

And then there is Logan. I've read my share of books with damaged characters, but he gives the class new meaning. At first he comes off like a total and complete dick, but we learn about his motives soon enough to make him attractive. Really attractive.

This book moved quickly, had lots of steam and an intriguing enough plotline that I found myself completely caught up in it turning the page.

I'm three for three with liking the KISS line, and I'll definitely keep following it.

Rating: 4.5 of 5

For more information about this book and other titles visit Harlequin's Website. For more about Kelly Hunter, visit the Author's Website. Also, be sure to check out your free ebook of Waking Up Married.

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