March 1, 2013

book review: waking up married

After a night of overindulgence in Las Vegas, a couple of strangers wake up in the morning with more than they bargained for -- a killer hangover and a new spouse in Mira Lyn Kelly's Waking Up Married.

Wearing a suggestive shirt, Megan Scott sets out on a fun-filled bachelorette party with her friends. After seeing and experiencing the great loss and pain that can come from love, she has a life plan that involves many things, such as a career and family, but none of them involve having a husband. Walking up hitched to a man who lives a thousand miles away from her throws a major hitch in her plans.

Connor Reed has his own reasons for avoiding love, but that does not mean he wants to skip out on a life of wedded bliss. Though this new and unexplained marriage is not what he bargained for when he went to Las Vegas to lick his wounds, he resolves to the make the best of it, because having a wife is something he wants, especially if it does not come with strings like love. He makes Megan yet another proposal to give their marriage a trial run.

Though there are several books with the premise of guy and girl meeting in Vegas, getting hitched and giving married life a short run, this one stood out. Even with a little of the predictability that comes with reading a romance -- but let's face it, that's why we read them, right? -- Waking Up Married is well written, moves at a natural pace and carries a lot of humor throughout the story. There were several moments I found myself laughing out loud at the banter between Megan and Connor.

And the sizzle factor was good, very good.

WUM also excelled at creating a believable back story for each character, which offered a good explanation for why each of them acted the way they did. At the same time it created plenty of additional tension and challenges that took this story from blah to good.

Will this book shake your beliefs and rock you to your core? No. But it was a light, fun and entertaining read that significantly exceeded my expectations. Having read a couple of books from Harlequin's KISS line, I am already impressed by the solid writing and storytelling devices used by these authors, and Mira Lyn Kelly kicked-off this line well with her latest.

Rating: 4 of 5

For more information about this book and other titles visit Harlequin's Website. Be sure to check out your free ebook of Waking Up Married.

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  1. I just saw these books the other night. Do you know what niche Kiss is targeted?