March 13, 2013

drawing the line

Blogger's Note: During my travels the past few years, I had the opportunity to visit various booked-related hot spots. Originally posted on my now-defunct blog, Lit Adventures, this is one of my Literary Adventures. Enjoy.

The Treaty Line outside of La Push, Wash., warns off bloodsuckers.

Driving east on Highway 110 from US 101 in Washington, it comes down to this: Are you Team Edward or Team Jacob?

In Stephenie Meyer's Twilight series, the Quileute people and the Cullen clan had a firm treaty line in place to keep vampires off the tribe's land. Located between Forks and La Push, the invisible line is marked with a sign for Twi-hards to see.

Be sure to take a look at both sides of the sign. One will definitely appeal to those who favor Team Jacob.

The sign facing Forks is much friendlier
than the one leading into La Push, Wash.

Drive past the sign about 10 more minutes to arrive at La Push's first beach for a glimpse of the ocean. Unfortunately, soulless vampires will have to sit out that trip.

Some lines cannot be crossed.

For safe parking, pull into the small lot on the northeast side of the sign. There a restaurant if you are hungry and lodging if you need a place to stay.

A staunch Team Edward supporter, I got a kick out of taking my photo with the "keep out" sign. I could never hang up one of those at my house.

Wait... Edward is a vampire? Is that why he sparkles?
I just thought he liked to get into his sisters' glitter.

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