April 15, 2013

a delightful detour

Near Frisco, Colo.
Greetings from Colorado!

I'm on the third and final day of a short visit to spend time with one of my friends.

On Saturday we did a little shopping, and I made a pilgrimage to IKEA. While I was disappointed not to find a slipcover for my couch, I did pick-up some cheap and cute picture frames and a new laptop thing, which will hopefully prevent me from getting carpel tunnel.

I also bought a small rug -- I know, I'm nuts, but it'll really tie my whole room together -- some new flip-flops for when Mother Nature gets it together and stops sending snow our way and a few other odds and ins. I think I should be able to fit most of it in my luggage, but I spied a post office not far from here just in case.

Yesterday, we made the drive to Breckenridge. This was my first time seeing a mountain ski town, and it was everything I imagined and ridiculously adorable.

As an added perk, we were stuck in traffic on the drive up, and my imagination got to working, and I came up with the opening scene for a holiday-themed novelette I'll release later this year. By the time we made it to Breckenridge -- and after I ate breakfast and had a couple of coffees -- everywhere I look I found more inspiration for this story.

Here's a couple of photos of some inspiring views:

I took a couple dozen more, because everywhere I looked I saw my story.

Thankfully, my friend is a fellow writer and a great sounding board, so she didn't get too annoyed when every five minutes I randomly said, "What do you think about...?" or "Wouldn't this be the perfect spot for...?"

Working away during a short stop in the drive.
She also didn't hold it against me when I started jotting down notes or writing parts of a scene in my iPhone. God bless her.

By the time we arrived back in Denver for the evening, I had my two main characters developed, an outline of the story and the first scene written and a healthy start on the rest.

Before taking this lovely detour into a story I'm absolutely loving, I was still managing to hit my daily word count goals for my Camp NaNoWriMo book. Though I've had to put that story on hold for a couple of days to write this 10K-work beauty while it's fresh on my mind, I figure it all goes towards my word count. This is also the most excited I have been about writing in a while, and I can only imagine how it will carryover into my other works.

With that, I'm going to get off the interwebs and get back to writing! Talk to you later.

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