April 22, 2013

book review: reckless abandon

A woman's life changes drastically and forever when she must enlist the help of her ex to find her missing husband in Jenn Flynn-Shon's novella, Reckless Abandon.

Shaw McLeary returns from a trip to the grocery store to find her house in tatters, her valuables stolen and her husband missing. When she overhears the responding officer being shot, she goes on the run. In her desperation, she turns to the one person she could always trust, and the first person she loved, JJ Anderson. A private investigator, JJ is still hurting from Shaw's abandonment years earlier.

Though reluctant to get involved, JJ can't resist helping Shaw -- especially with her life in danger. Their search for answers takes them from Arizona to New York. Along the way, they must sift through clues about Shaw's husband while also addressing the old feelings from their past that neither seems capable of forgetting.

Shaw makes a solid narrator for this story. Even though she comes with plenty of flaws -- namely her desire to stick by her husband, who has been a bit of a dick in recent history, even before fleeing -- she also approaches the story with the mind of a writer. That means, she's able to question developments, look for details and make plenty of conjectures.

Her ex, JJ, was a great character, and I instantly felt an attachment to him. He was apparently responsible and steady enough to put in his 20 years of police service and invest his experience and pay in a future career as a PI. Though a bit frosty at first, he's really quite sweet. I had a swoonable moment every time he showed how much he worried about Shaw's well-being and was able to put aside his hurt feelings to help her.

Because I liked them so much, I wanted to know why these two kids weren't able to figure it out earlier. I was thrilled to see them uncover some of their issues from the past even as they solved their current problems.

Throwing Shaw and JJ together and then sending them on the run made for plenty of tense moments. Adding in their history provided even more.

Fast-paced and intriguing, this book kept me turning page after page. As we're headed into vacation season, this would be a great book to take along if you're looking for a sexy mystery to keep you busy on a plane ride or drive.

Rating: 4.5 of 5

About the Author
Hi, my name is Jenn Flynn-Shon and I’m the Author of two books (Ripple the Twine, Reckless Abandon), a Chapbook (Trying for the Moon), multiple Zines, and Randomness and Lunacy (a digital-journal blog).

I’ve been writing since age eleven and began penning fiction by age thirteen. My first publication was a poem published under a pen name in Bop Magazine in 1989. Since then I’ve had articles and interviews published online and in print.

I’m a two-time winning participant in National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) (2009, 2010), an active member of the Scottsdale Society of Women Writers and Arizona Authors Association.

When I make time to relax I love to hang out with my husband at our home in Phoenix, AZ, explore the country on road trips, watch my Boston sports teams, share laughs with friends and family, and read everything from blogs to novels. I make a point to write daily, and I’m a shameless self-promoter.

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  1. Thanks so much for the terrific review Laura! And I'm really happy you enjoyed the book!