May 27, 2013

change in course

This holiday weekend I've kept busy doing (some) sorting for our upcoming garage sale. I've also had writing on my mind. I've managed to do a bit of editing on book two, and I received some great feedback from a beta reader on my forthcoming holiday short.

But what has most captured my mind is a new adult trilogy I've been thinking about off and on during the past couple of years. I've had a series of dreams during that time period, which I made concrete notes of, because they were so vivid and I wanted to delve into them more. Over time, I began to see them working together more closely until I found my inspiration for these characters and their lives. They've been in the back of my mind, stewing, and then about a month ago, the plot and characters began coming together more clearly.

On Friday night I wrote what may be the prologue of the first book. At the very least, writing those 300-some words helped me shape the tone and direction this series would ultimately take. After tinkering with those few words for about an hour, I keep re-reading them and finding myself more and more excited to write this book.

There are a couple of problems with that, though.

For starters, I need to continue my efforts to get book one published and book two more polished. I also have about one-third of a third novel written, and I should really finish it.

But this book keeps shouting to be heard.

For now, I'm managing to keep it at bay by committing to doing research. Even with the dreams as inspiration, I have several aspects of this story -- locations, character professions, tone -- to research more thoroughly. I'm no expert in this area, and having this background will make the story better ultimately. I've requested a series of books, travel guides and DVDs from my local library, saved a bunch of articles and web links and satisfied myself for the moment with that research.

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