May 18, 2013

hbd baby sister!

On May 18, 24 years ago, I became a big sister. Sarah's birth was one of the happiest moments in my life. Though I have few memories of my life before her -- I was not even three at the time -- I do recall how badly I wanted a little sister.

Who could blame me? With two older brothers, I needed someone to help me level the playing field.

In that time, my sister has become more than family. She's my best friend. And so, today, I wanted to dedicate a blog post to her to celebrate the 24 years of my life she's made better by existing.

Her whole life, Sarah has known how to humor me. Whether it was being my pupil when I wanted to be the teacher when we played school or joining me in hosting an annual bad sweater party, she's been my constant wing girl.

And at the same time, she is very much the same person, who knows how to put me in my place. Like when I would get too bossy being the teacher and she'd refuse to do my assignments, or when she reminds me that my plans of making a volcano cake for our end of the world themed sweater party might be a little too much for a bar setting.

She's also my biggest supporter. When I need a beta reader, someone to bounce ideas off or just someone to vent to about a problem I'm having with a WIP, she's the first person I call. She constantly gives me support. 

We've made a lot of great memories together.

The photo above is the Facebook banner I made for my personal page. (We take our sister-ship and our FB seriously). It features 24 of my favorite sister photos. I shared it here for all of you to see. We have so many great moments from throughout our life it was tough to settle on only 24. It was a fun taking a few moments to look back.

Happy birthday, Sarah! Thank you for being in my life.

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