May 2, 2013

here we come, hollywood

Me visiting the Hollywood sign on my last trip to L.A.

As previously mentioned, I'm heading west to Los Angeles on Saturday for a few days. We'll actually be based in West Hollywood, but that's basically the same thing, right?

My little sister and I are spending five days -- well, four if you factor in the travel -- hopefully soaking up some sun (though the forecast calls for rain). At the very least, we can count on making memories. After a crazy April (Camp NaNoWriMo, major announcements at work, a symposium and a weekend trip to Denver), I can think of nothing better than a few days relaxing down south.

This will be my third visit to the City of Angels, but my sister's first. I'm excited to share a slice of California with my sister.

Already, there are a couple of musts on my list:
  • See the ocean. I make it a practice to wade in seawater whenever I can, but this time it's especially important, because my sister has never been to the Pacific Ocean. I shared the Atlantic (OK, the Gulf of Mexico) with her when she visited me in Houston (I know, I know. I forget that I lived there for a while, too), but this is the real live, no doubt-about-it ocean.
  • Check out the Hollywood sign. One of my besties lives in L.A., and the last time I visited we went up to the Hollywood sign and it was worth the trip. Not only do you see the landmark up close, but you get an excellent view of L.A. and you get to check out the Hollywood Hills on your drive up.
  • Eat avocados every day. OK, this one is purely selfish and for me, but it's going to happen. I still dream of retiring to an avocado and lime farm.
  • Have a celebrity sighting. Based on the fact that this has happened every time I've been to L.A., I guess I just figure this is a given. While we might not get to party it up with them, I hope Sarah gets a chance to spy one so she has a fun story to tell her friends when she gets back.
  • Sip on margaritas and eat burritos on Cinco de Mayo. I do this every year, and I'm not going to let vacation break me from the streak.
  • Go dancing with the bestie. This is going to happen. Obvi.
  • Read a book just because.
Hopefully, I come back rejuvenated and ready to work. If this trip is anything like my last one, it'll be great inspiration and writing fuel. I'll be sure to share any big real life stories that come out of it.

With that, I'm slipping off my boots (Really, Nebraska? You had to go and snow again?) in exchange for some sassy sandals, and I'm heading to L.A. Here's hoping this vacation is as inspiring as my last mini-break.

Do any of you have some must-dos for Sarah and I while we're on our California adventure?

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  1. Pick up a piece of locally made jewelry.
    Flirt with a barista.
    Make a sand castle.

  2. Oh, how exciting for her to see the Pacific for the first time!

    Sounds like a great itinerary. But if you want the real So Cal experience, you might want to trade that burrito for a couple of fish tacos instead!

    Grauman's Chinese Theater (or whatever it's called these days) is always fun too - fun to do the obligatory photo poses w/ your hands in the celebs' handprints.

    Have fun! (Is it really supposed to rain? It's stinkin' hot today!)

    1. I LOVE fish tacos. I'll be sure to grab some of those.

      According to it's supposed to rain a little, but that's better than the snow we're dealing with here!

  3. There are so many wonderful neighborhoods to explore in LA, each with their own unique character. Just explore, and if you have time take a drive up Pacific Coast Highway. It's beautiful.

    1. The Pacific Coast Highway is beautiful. I've only driven as far as Malibu on it, but it was definitely a great experience and a good one to share with my sister. Great tips!