July 12, 2013

creating an outdoor writing oasis

I'm a nomadic writer. While sitting at a desk is sometimes the best place for me to crank out a scene, I often do some of my best work writing from cafes, airplanes, my couch or outside. I guess I need the change of scenery to keep my brain active and engaged. With the amount of time I spend indoors at my job, it's good for me to find some time to be outside, and having an outdoor office is a perfect opportunity. 

I'm preparing to move to a new residence (same town) later this summer, and in preparation, I want to make sure I have a great outdoor space to write. While I'd love to have something gorgeous like this:

Or this:

I realize I'm a ways away from having something so elaborate or fabulous -- especially if I'm going to be in a rental for the next few years. So I'll just have to Tim Gunn-it and make what I have work.

My friend recently gave me this great wooden loveseat:


It came with these cushions:

Both the wood and the cushions have some wear on them, and I decided that turning them into an indoor/outdoor set would be a great way to give them new life and serve my writing well.

This weekend, I'm going to sand the wood and either whitewash or paint it. Once that dries, I'll seal it and spray it so it can withstand the elements.

I also ordered this fabulous outdoor upholstery fabric to make slipcovers for the cushions:

I'll use the lime green for the cushions and the blue and patterned fabric to make throw pillows. Though I considered creating whole new cushions, I've decided to make slipcovers instead in hopes it will make them easier to clean and maintain in the long run.

I chose the colors based on these planters, which I've had since I lived in Houston.

Unfortunately, one of the blue planters broke and the remaining have some sun damage. Instead of throwing them out, I plan to clean and freshen them up a bit. I'm thinking of doing some stencil painting with favorite quotes or designs. After that, I'll need to decide what to put in them. I don't have much of a green thumb, and I like the idea of them being useful year-round. I'll have to do some thinking.

With the project starting this weekend, I'll be sure to update you with photos and info on how everything unfolds. Wish me luck!

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