July 24, 2013

letter from camp - 7/24/13

Dear friends,

We all knew my productive streak had a shelf life.

But halfway through last week my streak of hard work and perseverance hit a big roadblock. I could blame the night of sushi, candy and soda for distracting me. I could complain about having to go to a Toastmasters meeting. I might even be able to say I wanted to spend some QT with my nephew before he finished his summer visit.

The list of excuses could go on and on, but what it really boils down to is me not being in the mood and needing a break.

Props to me for getting through more than 15 days before the ol' lazy bug bit, I guess.

Instead of stressing about, I'm going to enjoy this little hiatus and see what happens when I commit to focusing on my book for the weekend. I'm talking about turning off my cell phone, disconnecting from the Internet and maybe even locking myself into a small room with nothing but my laptop and cell phone for hours at a time. With any luck (Who am I kidding? With focus!) I can make this last weekend count and put down some words.

Heck, maybe I'll pretend I'm really at camp and sleep on the floor (couch) eat nothing but (veggie) hot dogs and s'mores while spinning some yards around the camp fire (laptop). Actually, I might be on to something here...

In slightly positive news, I finally picked up a book again and read for enjoyment this weekend. Only problem -- it's a book I've read a few times before.

Sigh. Baby steps, Laura. Baby steps.


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