August 26, 2013

it ain't no lie

What an emotional week. Naturally I'm talking about the ups and downs of wondering whether or not 'NSYNC was really going to take the stage together once again during the MTV Video Music Awards last night.

I was sitting at my desk managing social media content (yeah, that's a thing) when word of the story broke. Elation as I haven't known in... well... forever forced me to fan girl scream (I know, I'm professional).

My sister and I frantically sent texts back and forth. Yes, we were thrilled. Yes, this was probably the best news of summer. Yes, if JT and 'NSYNC reunited for a new studio album and went on tour they might solve all of the world's problems.

OK, so that one might be a stretch, but I know I'd be pretty damned happy about it.

Then the next day, awful news. Lance Bass announced word of the story was a hoax, and the ban had no plans to reunite.

Devastation. Anger. Hurt. Confusion. Loss. Of. Will. To. Watch. VMAs.

Even as I was coming to grips with this news, enough counter stories to give me hope. I may not have cable at home, but one way or another, I was going to watch JT's performance at the VMA's, because there was a chance my beloved boys would sing together once more.

As I told my sister, it was kind of like believing in the Tooth Fairy or Santa Clause. You know it might be full of crap and let you down, but what's the harm in believing in case you score some serious loot?

My love of 'NSYNC stems back to late middle school/ early high school. I tried not to like them, because I wanted to seem edgy and cool. But I couldn't resist the power of their voices and crazy awesome dance moves.

One of my favorite memories from high school was driving down to Kansas City with my friend and little sister during 'NSYNC's "Celebrity" tour to watch the band perform live. We had seats right next to this runway platform they had. And during the show, I shook hands with Joey, Lance and my favorite, J.C. Chasez. Justin shook his butt in front of my face, and I have to admit, I don't remember what was going on with Chris. I was too busy swearing I'd never wash my hand again and obsessing about how sexy Justin's backside was.

Then disaster struck. The band broke up later that year. Sure, I enjoyed JT's solo work, and some of the other members' various projects, but it wasn't the same.

I was at a cable channel award show green room party about five years ago while visiting a friend in L.A. (My friend was covering the show for his publication, and as his plus one I had the chance to brush elbows with Hollywood's beauties while he worked.) I met a cast of amazing people, but then we saw him. J.C. Chasez was in the house.

I dropped everything I was doing and spoke with him for about five minutes (maybe more or less, I wasn't exactly 100 percent sober at this time). We talked about his work as a producer. I told him about my job and seeing the group perform years earlier. He thanked me for my fandom, wished me well and gave me a hug and a Hollywood style kiss cheek. Granted, I'd always figured we'd run away together and live happily ever after if we met, but this was still one of the greatest moments in my fan girl life.

So last night, with the help of my sister and FaceTime, I watched 'NSYNC join JT on stage. We screamed like we were Taylor Swift (who they kept showing for some reason), earned laughs from our parents (who were watching with my sister) and decided the rest of the crappy show was worth watching for this moment. Because it was good.

Now comes me obsessing about that reunion tour...

Until then, you can watch the VMA performance here:

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