August 13, 2013

pop the cork, y'all

If you follow my official author page, or heck, even this blog's page on Facebook (or my Twitter profile), you were treated to a view of this:

That's right. I, Laura Chapman, will soon be a published author. Commence the bottle popping, booty shaking and all-around total baller tomfoolery.

Right now, I'm a total mix of nerves -- excitement, nervousness, euphoria, nostalgia, to name a few -- but mostly I'm glad to be able to share this news with you. I'm thrilled to work with an awesome publisher, like Marching Ink, and happy you'll be able to read this book. Finally.

I admit, I'm still in a bit of shock, but I did manage to take some moments to celebrate over the weekend with my family and a few friends. How does someone as hip as I am mark this milestone? Fortunately, I snapped some photos to document the mayhem.

Friday morning: Contract official.
Friday evening: Grabbed dinner with my sister and
followed her to work where I indulged in one or four
tasty beverages. (Don't worry, I was off my cold
medicine well before then.)
Early Saturday morning: Elegantly stumbled into my house
for some shut eye and kitten cuddles.
Saturday morning/afternoon: Run errands, work on
edits for my short story and do some talent scouting
for this year's Fantasy Football team.

(Watch out - Cinderella's Fellas plan to dominate.)

Sunday afternoon: Toast to "Hard Hats and Doormats"
with sparkling cider, cupcakes and my family.
Sunday afternoon: My brother's girlfriend gave me a
beautiful photobox to put a copy of my book in, so I'll
always be able to display my first book. Sweetest gift ever.
Only bested by this wonderful card made by her daughters.
Even Jane and Mr. Bingley make a cameo in the card.
How stinking cute is this?

This has been a wonderful, whirlwind several days. Thank you to everyone for your kind words and warm wishes. This journey is just beginning, but I won't forget you for being part of it.

Stay tuned for more details to come!

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  1. Such a fun post - congrats and looking forward to working with you :)

    1. Thank you! I'm so excited to work with you, too.

  2. woo-hoo! Congrats, Laura!! :) That is one cute card... I am digging Mr Bingley's orange stripes!

    1. His stripes are looking good, right? I'm happy we're label buddies. :)

  3. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Thank you for doing a critique of this book -- it helped it become better.

  4. Congratulations!!!! Can't wait to read the book!

    1. Thank you! I'm excited to read your next book, too.

  5. This is fantabulous! I'm actually genuinely happy for you, not fake-happy like I sometimes am for writers who get book contracts. You're so talented and funny, and I'm ready for you to take publishing by storm so I can say, "Yeah, I sort of know her. We're totally Facebook friends." CONGRATULATIONS! Looking forward to reading that book!

    1. Well you make me genuinely happy all the time. Thank you so much for your support. It means more than I can say.