September 20, 2013

cinderella's prince charming: go pack go

After a disappointing Thursday night game when Steven Ridley, a running back on both of my teams, didn't yield many points followed by a particularly crushing Huskers loss on Saturday, I was feeling particularly vulnerable going into game day last Sunday.

This week, needing to find comfort in the arms of someone I could trust, I turned to a hunk of man I'd consider a candidate for Prince Charming even if he wasn't on one of my Fantasy Football teams.

Packers wide receiver Jordy Nelson stole my heart long ago with his charming smile off the field and his consistent skill on it. As a longtime Packers fan, having Jordy as my Prince Charming was doubly sweet. After week one's hard-fought loss to the 49-ers, watching Jordy and the Packers win a solid victory over the Washington Redskins was absolutely welcome.

No, Jordy may not have been the top scorer on Cinderella's Fellas this week, but he followed up his first week success with 18.6 points this week, which he earned from 66 receiving yards and two touchdowns.

Jordy Lambeau leaped into my heart this week with his perseverance. His first touchdown of the game was taken off the board, because of a holding call on a member of his offensive line. Instead of crying over his empty glass slipper, he set his focus on reclaiming his glory. And a few plays later, he once again made a touchdown for Green Bay. (He followed-up this success by scoring another touchdown later in the game.)

After the week one loss, Packers QB Aaron Rodgers said he could always count on Jordy Nelson to make big plays when he was needed. Sigh. The only thing better than hearing my QB crush talk about my WR crush was seeing Jordy prove the words correct.

Sometimes, a lady likes to know she can depend on a man rather than having to sit by passively waiting for him to prove himself worth of her affection.

I'll be cheering for you lots this season, Jordy.

Creepy girlfriend meets devoted fan?

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