September 29, 2013

little laura's dreams come true

Tuesday is the day Little Laura's whole life has been building toward.

No, my novel isn't being published (that day is coming soon), but something equally thrilling and potentially life changing is about to happen. I am of course talking about The Little Mermaid being released on DVD and Blu-Ray after far too many years in the vault.

Yes, I've had this moment on my calendar for months. Haven't you? Now, give me a moment. To compose myself. I promised... I wouldn't... cry.

This isn't just about me loving a movie. It's about how that movie has shaped my life. Consider the Little Laura you've met on my blog the past couple of months. She's filled with ideas. She believes in love. She wants to tell a great story. Granted, in her excitement to accomplish these tasks, she often butchers the English language and writing as a practice. But where did that love of storytelling come from?

As a storyteller, I cite several moments from my childhood as inspiration for taking this journey, and watching The Little Mermaid was one of them.

Little Laura was 3 when The Little Mermaid hit the big screen. While I can't remember going to the movie, though I'm sure my parents took me, I know LL watched that puppy so many times, my parents were worried I'd wear out the VHS tape. Little Laura used to strut around town wearing Ariel T-shirts. Singing the whole time, because isn't that what beautiful young girls are supposed to do? There were birthday cakes, coloring books, dolls, imaginary friends, dreaming about marrying a black-haired, blue-eyed, music-playing stud with a boat...

To celebrate this exciting moment, I wanted to share 10 lessons Little Laura Learned from The Little Mermaid.

1. Adventures are the best.

2. Life is more fun when you're singing.

3. The ocean is a beautiful place with endless possibilities.

4. Sometimes, we have complicated relationships with our dads, but they still love us (and we love them).

5. The world is better with good friends you can trust.

6. You're going to have to deal with bitches. (See Ursula)

7. My admiration for black-haired, blue-eyed men is a Prince Eric complex, not a dad complex.

8. Marrying a man with a boat and beach-front property isn't essential, but it's nice.

9. True love isn't something you look for - it finds you; and love is worth fighting to keep.

10. Dream big, even if your goal seems unobtainable

I wonder if I should go to the store before work, or take a quick shopping trip during lunch. God knows I won't be able to wait until after work to pick up this puppy.

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