September 24, 2013

outdoor writing oasis becomes office feature

Last weekend I did it. I finally finished the loveseat rehab project I started over the summer. If you'll remember, the project started off with a somewhat dated wooden loveseat:

With cushion covers in need of TLC.

When we last saw this project, I'd sanded the wooden frame, painted it matte white, covered it in a waterproof sealant and created new lime green cushion covers.

Now, I haven't done crap on this refinish in weeks. (Practically months.) But I finally pulled out the sewing machine, fabric and even made a trip to the craft store for pillow cushions. And after making pillow cases and doing a bunch of hidden slip stitches, I'm happy to report I now have a bunch of pillows to complete the loveseat's look.

Let's do a quick pillow inventory:
  • Two large pillows (made from the previous loveseat's back cushions and some batting)
  • One long pillow made of patterned and turquoise fabric, which almost spans the length of the seat
  • Four 18-inch pillows (two turquoise, two patterned)
  • Two 14-inch lime green pillows
Now something else has happened since I started this project of creating an outdoor writing oasis featuring this loveseat. I've realized I love it too much to have it be a seasonal chair that spends a chunk of the year unusable. So... right now this loveseat is sitting in my main living space, and I plan to put it in the office I'll have in my new place. (Move-in date still to-be-determined.)

I'm already getting great use out of it. Aside from my bed, this has become my favorite place to sit and write. (I'm actually on it right now as I'm writing this blog post.)

In addition to wanting to get more use out of this chair than I'd originally planned, I also realized it'd be selfish of me to keep this loveseat all to myself. Both Jane and Bingley have fallen in love with it. Take a look at Bingley making himself comfortable on it:

How can I even think about depriving Bing of a place he's come to love?

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