October 5, 2013

cinderella's prince charming: a team effort

Well, it had to happen. Rome eventually fell and Cinderella's Fellas had to take a loss in week four. Sigh. But, in good news, Cinderella's Ball continued it's winning streak for a second consecutive week giving the boys and I a 2-2 record. That's a heck of a lot better than the 0-2 one we had just two weeks ago.

I practically ran singing through a mountain meadow Monday night as my victory dance.

While I'm bummed CF had to lose its perfect season, I can live happily knowing I played the best players available for the week and the loss was their underachieving and the other team's players overachieving. Want to know why that's good? Because it means it wasn't my fault! Plus, some people have teams that suck so badly, they don't have any wins. (I'm looking at you, New York Giants.) I should be thankful for what I have.

And this week, I have a whole crew of men to thank for my sweet, sweet week four Cinderella's Ball victory. I'm talking about you, 49ers defense.

Thanks to your strong start on Thursday night, I went into Sunday with 19 points from my defense alone (that's baby-making scoring from a defense). You kept your opponent to 11 points, made one interception, a fumble recovery and five sacks. Ooh, I'm getting a little flustered just thinking about that. Five sacks. It's like poetry to my ears. Makes me all... weak in the knees and hot under the collar.

It's a pity I don't like your team on principle. An even bigger pity for the Prince Charming runners up for the week, Torrey Smith (who, quite frankly, had a pretty damn sexy week, which I hope he repeats) and Adrian Peterson (but, you were the only person on CF who did anything, which makes me sad).

Still... you boys keep putting up numbers like that, and I may be forced to forget my principles.

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