October 25, 2013

prince charming - MEGATRON!!!

Last Sunday, I had the chance to do something I've been waiting to do all season. Yes, I finally screamed "Megatron" at full volume in celebration of my beloved's big performance, which secured a Cinderella's Fellas victory.

For those of you who don't know what I'm talking about, you're probably reading this and thinking, "Wait a minute, Laura, why are you talking about that Decepticon guy from Transformers? I thought this was a series about your silly Fantasy Football league. And I'm pretty sure the only robot in football is the stupid dancing machine Fox insists on using during all NFL games and promotions."

Well, my friends, Megatron is more than just a naughty transformer...

He's also this:

The most amazing wide receiver in the world: Calvin Johnson of the Detroit Lions, my Prince Charming of the week.

As a Packer's fan, I'm honor-bound to hate on the Lions, Vikings and Bears (oh my!), but after Calvin Megatron Johnson saved my Fantasy Football team last year and scored me a spot in the playoffs, I have nothing but love for this stud. After losing a majority of the games in the first half of the season, I almost gave up my dream of going to the playoffs, which is the equivalent of Cinderella going to the ball. I felt just like homegirl did after her wicked stepsisters ripped her dress to shreds and left her sitting alone in a pumpkin patch with a bunch of rodents keeping her company.

But Megatron, Calvin (with some help from Peyton Manning) made me believe again. I felt just like a princess the day I finished the regular season in second place and won an automatic spot to the semi-finals (we had a three-week playoff system, which meant the top two teams were able to skip the first week of post-season). That might not mean much to you, but that, my friends, was how my team earned its name: Cinderella's Fellas.

But enough about the past. Let's talk about the present, and the beautiful future I see with my main squeeze Calvin. Though the Lions lost to the Bengals (hahaha, another opportunity to make the same Wizard of Oz joke!), Calvin proved he was a real winner. He scored two touchdowns, caught nine passes and had 155 yards during the game. That meant 27.5 points for me PLUS helping my quarterback (who is also Calvin's QB, Matt Stafford) score me an additional 26.28 points. Not bad boys, not bad at all.

They, along with the other men of Cinderellas Fellas, won their third consecutive game, securing me the top spot in my ten-team league and taking our record to 6-1. Sadly, Cinderella's Ball lost last week's game, taking our record to 4-3. Fortunately, just about everyone else in that league had a sucky week, so I'm still third of 12 teams thanks to how many points my boys score me week after week.

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