October 12, 2013

prince charming - running back to my heart

Oh man. That scream you heard late Monday night was me shouting in surprise as both of my teams managed to secure victory this week. While I had no doubt Cinderella's Ball would do well (I was ahead by more than 40 points after Sundays games) I had my doubts about Cinderella's Fellas. All projections indicated I'd lose by about four points, instead I won by that many.

I probably should declare Peyton Manning my Fantasy Football Prince Charming of the Week every week. The man certainly deserves it, what with his putting up serious numbers every week and never leaving me in doubt that he'll bring everything to the table.

And it's nice to have a guy like that on my side when you look at several of the other players who aren't bringing it.

Current players on my sad-face list include:
  • Calvin Johnson - I understand your knee has been bugging you, but did you seriously have to wait until 30 minutes before Sunday's noon game to decide it just wasn't going to happen? I had to haul ass to the waiver wire and pray I could find something worth using. And then my team almost lost!
  • Matthew Stafford - It's not that I'm expecting you to perform to Peyton Manning's standards. I'd just like it if you could could put some points on the scoreboard without Calvin Johnson.
  • Giovani Bernard - I don't know what happened during this week's game. (Seriously, we didn't get your game here in Nebraska, so I have no idea.) But whatever it was, I didn't like.
  • Jared Cook - I made you my Prince Charming of the week after your first week of play. And you repay me by not even meeting your projections every week after? Not cool, bro. Not cool. You may have earned yourself a spot on the bench so you can think about what you've done.
All four of these men contributed to Cinderella's Fellas near loss. Giving Jared one more chance is what almost cost me the game. Damn you, Laura. When will you stop letting your heart decide?

But enough about the doom and gloom of my Fantasy Football world. How can I allow myself to sulk forever when I did in fact win both games and had several other strapping young man prove their worth?

Selecting this week's FF player was tough. My top three performers were Peyton Manning, Matt Prater and the 49ers Defense. And all three of them have already enjoyed their day in the spotlight. Which is why I've named this week's Prince Charming... LeSean McCoy.

This running back for the Philadelphia Eagles was my first-round pick for Cinderella's Ball. This is in my keeper league, which means my pickings were slim. But by selecting him and Peyton Manning with my first two picks, I've basically set up a powerhouse that consistently performs.

In his game against the New York Giants (who, let's face it, are kind of one of the saddest teams in the world at this point), LeSean scored a touchdown, rushed 20 times for 46 yards and caught six passes for 46 yards. He still managed to do well enough even after his starting QB (a man who shall remain nameless on this blog) was out of the game. Here's hoping he continues to perform well if the QB's injury persists for another week.

And I'm sure you will do well. You've been the running back of my dreams, and I'll love you forever. Or until you stop performing at such a high level... I know, I know. I'm fickle when it comes to my fantasy football love.

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