November 8, 2013

breckenridge: the inspiration for a setting

In one week Merry & Bright, the anthology featuring my romantic holiday short "Twelve Drummers Drumming" will be released with Simon & Fig. Cue the applause.

I previously discussed how I found inspiration for this story on the drive from Denver to Breckenridge, but now I want to share some snapshots of the town that made the whole thing come together. I'll admit, I had fairly high hopes for Breckenridge in terms of it becoming the setting of TDD. From everything I'd heard, it would be cute, quaint and snowy. Perfect setting for a Christmas love story, right?

But it was even better than I imagined.

From the moment I drove into town and caught a glimpse of this sign and this house with those mountains behind it...

I knew Autumn and Tuck -- the main characters of the story -- had found their holiday destination. I mean, this was late April and look how perfectly charming it looked then. Can you even imagine how much  more stunning it would look to a visitor during the holidays?

My friend and I spent several hours wandering the shops and restaurants in the town's historic district. No joke, I felt like Harry Potter wandering Diagon Alley.

I can totally imagine Autumn and Tuck hanging out here. So many thoughts! I actually snuck in a bit of cell phone writing (and a bunch of photo taking) while we were in town, because I couldn't hold back all the ideas.

And of course, no trip of mine would be complete without the obligatory selfie.

Note, and this is going to make me sound like a total hipster, but I was totally rocking selfies before they became a thing. I did so much traveling on my own for work that I had to figure out how to take pics of myself or risk having no visual confirmation of my adventures.

Now in this story, Autumn and Tuck do a little skiing. When in Breckenridge, right? But here's an idea of where a person staying at a resort or B&B might hang out en route to the mountains.

And during the walk I found a bridge...

... over water...

... that would be a crucial location for the story's climax. So now when you go and read this book, you'll be able to use these photos to visualize just where our characters are walking.

And that's me with mountains. I feel like we could put a "Greetings from Colorado" label and Photoshop Santa hat on me and call this my 2013 Christmas card.

About the Book
Sip your eggnog, linger under the mistletoe, and make a Christmas wish. Merry & Bright brings you six tales of Christmas cheer, featuring stories of budding romances, Southern charm, lost loves, heaps of humor, and lots of pie by authors Isabella Louise Anderson, Cindy Arora, Laura Chapman, Lauren Clark, Libby Mercer, and Nancy Scrofano. From sunny Los Angeles to the Rocky Mountains to the Deep South, Merry & Bright will take you on a heartwarming adventure you'll love to visit again and again. Wrap yourself in holiday mirth and prepare to be swept off your feet.
Merry & Bright, featuring "Twelve Drummers Drumming" is available from Simon & Fig. Add to Goodreads. Buy it on Amazon, Barnes & Noble or Kobo.

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