November 22, 2013

interview with the author of 'zoey & the moment of zen'

Blogger's Note: I have the distinct pleasure of interviewing Cat Lavoie, author of Zoey and the Moment of Zen and Breaking the Rules, as part of her Chick Lit Plus Blog Tour. It's a real thrill. Not only is Cat my label-mate at Marching Ink, a "Downton Abbey" fan and a fellow Chick Lit Chat host, but she's also my friend. And because she is all of those things, for today's interview, I decided to ask Cat about what we could expect if being label-mates meant we could go on a physical tour together instead of one on the Interwebs. And her answers are amazing, which is no surprise as she's pretty much awesome. Oh, and be sure to enter the prize drawing with the Rafflecopter below.

Change the Word: As label mates, we've decided to go on tour together. What are three locations we must visit?
Cat Lavoie: Let's hit the road! The Marching Ink Tour will definitely include stops in New York City, London and Paris. (This is a no expenses spared kind of thing, right?)

CTW: Oh, we're going all out, so why not hit the big three? You're releasing an album to accompany, Zoey & the Moment of Zen. What are some of the songs featured on the soundtrack?
CL: The Zoey & the Moment of Zen soundtrack would open with "Un-Break My Heart" by Toni Braxton and "Someone Like You" by Adele. It wouldn't just be songs to cry along to, though—they'd be some happy, upbeat numbers as well… like "Pocketful of Sunshine" by Natasha Bedingfield. (It's stuck in my head right now!)

CTW: How will you decorate your room on the tour bus?
CL: Since I'm a crazy cat lady, you know my tour bus room will be covered in pictures of Abbie! And I'd also bring a little piece of home with me and take one of the Union Jack pillows that I keep on my bed.

CTW: Maybe we should find a way to sneak our cats on board. I don't think we should have to be without them. What three books are you packing in your suitcase for the trip?
CL: I'm going to be bringing my Kindle, so I'll have ALL my books with me and still have space in my luggage for all the shopping I want to do.

CTW: You're so efficient. It's movie night on the bus, and it's your turn to pick. What are we watching? 

CL: Bring on the chick flicks! How about "Love, Actually" or "Bridget Jones' Diary"? Or we could catch up on some British TV series like "The Paradise" or "Downton Abbey?"

CTW: Sounds like we have entertainment covered for our tour. What are a few must-have items for your backstage dressing room? (Go ahead and channel your inner Beyoncé and diva out if you like.)
CL: I don't think I'll be a huge diva when the time comes to stock my backstage dressing room. A few bottles of Coke Zero, some English Breakfast tea and (of course) snacks. I think I need to work on on my diva attitude before we leave. Maybe I need to ask for bowls of Peanut M&Ms—but only red ones!

CTW: While chatting between tour stops, we naturally strike up a conversation about "Downton Abbey" and our mutual crush, Mr. Bates. What's your winning argument for why he's yours and I should turn my fancy elsewhere? 

CL: Oh, Mr. Bates! I've had a crush on him from the very first limp. In fact, a chronic ankle issue causes me to limp now and again, depending on the weather. So I think that Mr. Bates and I have that extra connection because of our ailments—and, for once, I can use this pesky condition to my advantage!

CTW: Fine, you can have him. We're meeting for a post-show dinner. What are you ordering to drink and eat? What dessert should we split?
CL: I'll probably order a Chicken Caesar salad and Coke Zero. (Perhaps we've had a pre-dinner cocktail?) Since my main course was relatively healthy, I'll probably go super decadent for dessert. How about we split a hot fudge brownie sundae?

CTW: Sounds delicious. Maybe we should start with dessert during cocktails. Who are you taking as your date to the tour wrap party? Let's put a fictional character and a real person on the guest list to give you options.
CL: If I could bring a fictional character to life, I'd pick Jude Weatherington from Brea Brown's novel Daydreamer. He's my latest book boyfriend and oh-so-dreamy. Speaking of Jude… my "real person" date would be Stephen Merchant because I'm a huge fan and I want to convince him to play the part of Jude (no relation to the aforementioned book boyfriend) in the Zoey & the Moment of Zen movie.

CTW: Oh, Jude Weatherington sounds so dreamy. I might have to break girl code and try to steal him from you. What's next for you and your writing career once the tour has wrapped?
CL: Is it over already? We've been having so much fun! I guess all good things must come to an end. When I get back home, I'll continue working on my third novel and, hopefully, you and I will be planning the next Marching Ink tour!

About the Author

Cat Lavoie lives in Montreal, Canada with her tempestuous cat, Abbie. Her debut novel, Breaking the Rules, was published in August 2012 by Marching Ink. If Cat isn't reading or writing, she's most likely watching too much TV or daydreaming about her next trip to London.

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  1. I love working with you ladies! :)

  2. Thank so much for this fun Q&A, Laura!! I'm so glad you're my label-mate!! You know that tour would be OFF THE HOOK if it actually happened. (And by off the hook I mean: lots of cats and British TV shows!) So ladies... when do we leave! :)

  3. LOL What a fun interview! You ladies are a riot! Love the cat room on the tour bus and your entertainment night plans. How do I get invited to be a part of one of these awesome book tours? Can I be a "Special Guest" or something?

    Oh, and Cat, I love you, but you can't have Jude Weatherington. He's mine, all mine, no sharesies. Be content with Mr. Bates. ;)

    1. Thanks Tracie! You can definitely be our Special Guest! :)
      I know, I know... I'm getting a little greedy by claiming both Bates AND Jude. *sigh* Jude is yours. I'm sure Bates won't mind if I stare adoringly at your boyfriend... lol!

    2. Oh boy, ladies, this is about to get super awkward, but... well... Jude and I kind of have a thing going already. I mean, we talk all the time, cuddle up on my sofa and sometimes make-out. At least I think we do. I could've imagined all of this, but I'm pretty sure it actually happened.

    3. I think we might need to ask the lovely Brea Brown to create some brothers for Jude...

  4. Oh, I loved this! Laura, you're just so creative. Also - I think you'll need a promoter on your tour so I'm applying for the job ;) I'd just have to make sure to pack a lot of allergy pills so I could give your cats the love they deserve!

    1. You're hired!

      I'm glad you liked it. This was a fun interview to do, and I'm happy Cat was game for doing something a little out of the ordinary.