December 23, 2013

little laura - the christmas special

Blogger's Note: Thanks to my family's pack-rat tendencies -- and my vanity -- I've managed to keep documentation of my progress as a writer from kindergarten on. Instead of letting those cedar chest gems go to waste, I figured I might as well do what I do best -- post them to my blog. This is Little Laura Learns the Ropes.

I know I said the Little Laura series had come to an end. But you know how there some things you just can't quit? This is apparently one of them. Actually, what it comes down to is this: While I was moving into my new home I found a letter I'd written to Santa when I was about 6 or 7. My parents saved it, and because 'tis the season, I figured it'd be fun to share.

So... consider this the Little Laura Learns the Ropes Christmas Special.

Dear Santa,

I would like to have the game, pretty pretty princes. A puppy Dog doll. And one ring. Two Troll dolls. Have are cookeis we lay out for you. Have a safe ride. I am learning about Matter. Theres solids, liquids and Gases. My reading book is My Best Bear Hug. I've read: Can do Jenny, Horble Hary, Brown Bears Wedding.


P.S. Thanks for the candy canes.

Because it's Christmas, I'm not going to analyze the writing, grammar or questionable capitalization skills. Instead, I'm going to commend her for thanking Santa for giving her candy canes when she met him after the Thanksgiving parade (compliments go a long ways in getting what you want). And way to take pride of your school and preach safety. It's almost as if you knew one day you'd spend four years making a living off of writing safety publications.

Plus, your gift requests were awesome. Even if it didn't do much to teach you about being a strong, independent woman, Pretty Pretty Princess was probably the most awesome game of your youth. And it did teach you to challenge gender roles every time you played with your dad and big brothers.

As an added bonus, I'll even share a photo from the moment you met Santa and his better half:

Looking good, LL. You rock that flannel and torn jean look. Like a boss.

Merry Christmas, my friends. I wish you a safe and happy day with the ones you love.

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