December 31, 2013

saying goodbye to 2013

It's the last day of 2013, and it's been a ride. We've had some great times together, 2013, but I think it's time for us to move on a see other people. (I hear 2014 has a lot going for it, so I'd like to check it out.) But before we say goodbye forever, let's take one final look back at our time together and highlight some of the best moments in literature, pop culture and my own life.

Consider this a quick clip show from the past year. For whatever reason, I'm the weirdo who has always been a fan of clip shows. From my days watching Friends and the Simpsons to catching The Soup every week on E!, clip shows remind me of favorite moments from the past, which is like saying hello to old friends.

Ranking is a tricky business for me, so don't read too much into the order in which I list. 

Top Five Personal Moments

  • Releasing two publications, including my debut novel.
  • Going on a much-needed vacation to California with my sister to visit my best friend.
  • Moving out of my brother's basement and into my own apartment with the kittens.
  • Getting cable. At first I worried it would be too much of a distraction, but I've always found distractions.
  • Completing National Novel Writing Month 2013 one whole week before the last day - a new personal record for me. Even better, though I took a few weeks off, I'm still writing away and hope to finish my first draft soon.

Top Five Blog Posts

Top Five Reads

Top Five TV Shows

Downton Abbey (PBS)
Game of Thrones (HBO)
Mad Men (AMC)
The Mindy Project (Fox)
Parks and Recreation (NBC)

Top Five Pop Culture Moments

Tina Fey and Amy Poehler host the Golden Globes.

(Ah, and because I love them - here's another clip from the beautifully hosted show.)

Jennifer Lawrence wins the Academy Award for Best Actress

Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson promote Catching Fire

'NSYNC reunites on MTV

My BFF Andrew talks about biblical adaptations on GMA

I'm skipping the movie section, this year, because I did a super bad job of going to the movies. I don't even know if I saw five movies, and a few that I did don't belong on this list!

 This has been a wonderful year, and I hope you know how much I appreciate the support everyone gave me. Here's to 2014 and lots of joy to come in the new year.

Now you weigh in -- what were your favorite things from 2013?

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  1. I am so pleased that you included Blogger Girl on your list of top 5 reads of 2013! I'm also beyond stoked to be in the same blog post as Mindy Kahling, Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson. Loved that video!! Happy New Year, Laura, and congrats on such a successful year!

    1. You, Mindy, JLaw and Hutch are some of my favorite people. :) Lots of good wishes for a great 2014.

  2. Thanks for the DAYDREAMER shout-out! I am "chuffed," as Jude would say. ;) I'd have to say that one of the highlights for 2013 for me was getting to know you better, Laura C. I've enjoyed our chats and have valued the advice and encouragement you've taken so much time to give me. I have to go now, before I start getting misty-eyed. I hope HARD HATS AND DOORMATS is super-successful in 2014!!!!!

    1. I've loved getting to know you better and look forward to more fun times in 2014. Happy New Year, my friend.

  3. Happy New Year, my friend! :) So glad to have you as a label-mate. Thank you for your support and friendship! Wishing you all the best for 2014!! x
    P.S. Loved re-reading that hilarious Paradise recap!! Looking forward to reading your take on Series 2!!

    1. I'm so glad to be with you on this publishing journey -- you're such a good friend. Happy new year!

  4. Aw, I loved your recap special, Laura. Since you're younger than I am, you have a much better memory than I do about what happened this year! ;)

    As far as pop culture moments go, I think I'd put "The Birth of Prince George" on my list. I'm such a devout royal-watcher and that was a full circle moment for me personally because I vividly remember watching Princess Diana leave the hospital in that green and white polka dot dress with William in her arms. So nice to see her boy all grown up, married to a lovely lady, and becoming a proud papa himself. SNIFF SNIFF

    Sadly, I haven't read enough books this year to pick a Top 5, but Brea's Daydreamer would definitely be on it! As you know, On the Island was my fave read of 2012!

    Top Five TV Shows - That, my friend is a toughie. In no particular order, I will pick:

    1) Game of Thrones
    2) Sleepy Hollow
    3) Homeland
    4) Orphan Black
    5) The Big Bang Theory

    Looking forward to more fun, writerly times with you in 2014, Laura!

    1. That's an awesome moment to add. I certainly enjoyed the royal wedding and watching the world meet Baby George. :)

      And I hope the new year brings you new shows to love and watch!

  5. Laura, you are awesome. Love this list, your humor and how amazing it's been getting to know you. I wish you all the best life has to offer in 2014!

    1. So many wishes for you in the new year, too. Your friendship means so much to me.