April 11, 2014

the two 10k weekend

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In my efforts to get healthier, I've let my Camp NaNoWriMo goals get away from me. But instead of being hard on myself for slipping up on one aspect of my life in the pursuit of another, I figured I'd find a way to make them work together.

That's why I came up with my Two 10K plan. Here's the concept: between tonight and Sunday night, I'm setting a goal to write 10,000 words and walk/jog 6.2 miles -- or 10 kilometers. If all goes well, I'll have taken care of my novel and my body. Both would make me incredibly happy.

To make it happen, I've set mini-goals. Here's the break-down:
  • Write 2,000 words tonight
  • Take a break half-way for a quick 2-mile walk/jog
  • Write 2,000 words tomorrow morning
  • Go for a 2.1-mile walk/run mid-day
  • Write 2,000 words tomorrow afternoon
  • Repeat Saturday on Sunday

Though, I'm willing to cut myself some slack if it doesn't go exactly to plan if I do my best. See -- I'm being all zen about ambition. Isn't that healthy and well of me? (ha) While this will be a lot of work, I hope that by breaking everything down into smaller pieces, I can also give myself ample time for fun and relaxation. I'm sure I'll be able to appreciate those times more if I've accomplished these goals of mine.

I came up with this plan last weekend, and I have to say it's given me a lot of peace this week. I was able to focus on the workout and meal routines I made, my work at the day-job and even plug away at some other writing and personal projects.

Who knows? If it works out, maybe I'll have a new way for creating some sort of work-writing-life balance in my own life.

Have any of you found some unique approaches to creating your own writing happy place?

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