May 19, 2014

the girl crush

Me meeting my little sister, Sarah, for the first time.

My baby sister celebrated her 25th birthday, yesterday. Let me repeat that: my baby sister celebrated her 25th birthday, yesterday. While I've watched her reach other milestones -- walking, tying her shoes, turning 16, graduating high school, turning 21, graduating college -- this one feels huge.

If I'm being completely honest -- and you guys know I try not to lie to you after all we've been through together -- the reason this one is hitting me more has less to do with Sarah being a quarter of a century old and more to do with what it means for me. In less than one month I'll be 28.

I know. I'm a total narcissist. I've managed to make my sister's celebration about me. Middle child syndrome, anyone? But now that I've hijacked the situation, let's get back to my age crisis. Not that I'm in crisis mode about being a whole year closer to 30 and questioning what I'm doing with my life. I'm not there. Yet.

But I am in the self-contemplative mood that accompanies a forthcoming birthday. I'm almost 28. A proper woman (allegedly). As such, I've given some serious consideration into how I got here to be the woman I am.

No one does it alone. I have my parents, who natured and nurtured me. (That's how parenting works, right?) I have the aforementioned sister and two brothers, who are always around to help me keep it real -- and to give me reality checks when my crazy gets out of control. I have extended family, friends, teachers, bosses and a mix of people who don't fall into easily classifiable categories.

And then of course I have the women I admire almost to the point of envy. The ones I adore almost to the point of love. The ones I'm convinced I'd be best friends with if we ever crossed paths. Of course I'm talking about my girl crushes.

This stunning bunch of ladies have been with me at various points of my 20s, molding me into the classy dame here before you. But just who makes this illustrious list?

Tina Fey & Amy Poehler

I've loved these ladies since they co-starred in Mean Girls and co-anchored Weekend Update on Saturday Night Live. If that hadn't sealed the deal, I would've fall in total girl crush when each went on to make two of my favorite TV shows of all time. (If you haven't watched 30 Rock or Parks and Recreation, I need you to stop what you're doing, call in sick to work and have yourself a little marathon. You might need to take a couple of days to catch all of it, so make up a good excuse.) Then they went and hosted the Golden Globes. Twice! Be still my heart. These funny ladies can do it all. They write, they act, they are positive role models. And they do it without tearing others down, but by working hard to be the best. If they're ever looking for a third to turn their duo into a trio, I'm on board to party.

By the way, I recognize that Tina and Amy are two completely separate women, and I crush on each respectively. But here's the deal... Remember how Captain Planet generate when everyone's powers combined? Well, I'm pretty sure there's some similar kind of magic formed from the Tina-Amy Effect.

Oh, what the heck, let's watch another clip of their combined genius.

Emma Thompson
Another multi-talented powerhouse packed into one witty and gorgeous package, Emma Thompson, in my mind, is the epitome of perfection and class. While I've always enjoyed her work, I became completely smitten with her when I watched Sense and Sensibility with the audio commentary. She had me charmed from the moment the opening Columbia Pictures flashed on the screen. She made a joke about how badly her arm hurt filming that clip, and how she kept the pashmina, because it was so comfy.

It's no secret I've always wished I was British. If I was, I'd want to be like her.

I think Queen Bey can explain this best herself. This:

Any questions?

Mindy Kaling
I'm about 90 percent sure Mindy is my spirit animal. I'm in such awe about everything she's done as a writer and actress. And she does it all while dealing with the issues, insecurities and wishes I'm constantly dealing with.

I also credit her with helping me start my workout routine. In her memoir and on The Mindy Project, she uses fantasies to motivate herself to do cardio. I gave that the old college try, and I've been able to drag my ass to the gym three to six times a week ever since so I can give my body and overactive imagination a workout.

Jennifer Lawrence
I can't even explain why I love her. She's just so impossibly adorable and fun not to like. I guess I'm also in awe by how grounded she seems after the massive success she's had the past few years and at such a young age.

And like me, she's a klutz. But unlike me, she handles it with a hilarious grace I only wish I could emulate.

Honorable Mentions
I have nothing but love for each of these ladies, but ultimately I get exhausted explaining more than five points at a time.
Yeah... The Oscars get me. So do memes and lipsynch battles.

Do you have any girl crushes? Spill the details!

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  1. I have so many girl crushes! I, too, love Tina and Amy, and Jennifer Lawrence's "I don't give a crap what anyone thinks, because I don't take myself at all seriously" attitude is one I wish I could emulate. I have the second part down, but I still care too much about others' opinions. Emma Stone is another fave of mine. In addition, I've crushed on Jennifer Weiner since I read her first book. I LOVE Meryl, even in crap films like Mamma Mia. And I'd totally move in with Miranda Hart, if she'd only let me. So far, my written requests have gone unanswered.

  2. That's a pretty fantastic list! Besides Blake Lively, I also love Reese Witherspoon and Emma stone is pretty amazing as well. Authors - I have to of course go for Emily Giffin but I love me some Jennifer Lancaster too!

  3. I agree with you about Mindy for sure. I would have been freaking out if you didn't include her. LOL! Lately, from an aesthetic and vocal standpoint, it is Rose Byrne. I also tend to have girl crushes on authors, as they are awesome in so many different ways.

  4. I'm with you ladies -- I have a bunch of author crushes, too. But that's another post... :)

  5. You know that I share your love of JLaw, Emma, and Amy/Tina, and I'm planning to give The Mindy Project another try this summer just because you've gushed about her and that show so much! ;) I would add Charlize Theron, Amy Adams, and Kate Middleton to my girl crush list. All strong, classy ladies with a great sense of style!

  6. Great post. Oh you young thing, 28 is very young indeed but I understand you completely. My niece is graduated high school tomorrow. My niece is graduated HIGH SCHOOL tomorrow. Oy! Hmm, I have a girl crush on Jennifer Lawrence too for the same reasons as you. I also have a crush on Lauren Graham because she is evidence that you can get older and not lose your young, quirkish, adorable nature - she's my role model!

  7. Oh, I can't forget Evangeline Lilly because, well, because she's stunning. No other reason.

  8. I am with Meredith. I have a total crush on Lauren Graham. She is awesome! I, too, love Emma Stone, Jennifer Lawrence and Reese Witherspoon. Spunky women make me happy. :) That is probably why I like hanging out with y'all so much!