June 20, 2014

austenland vs. austenland

It is a truth universally acknowledged that if I put a book or movie on my respective to-read or to-watch lists, it'll probably sit there a while.

I recently had an opportunity to check two items off of those to-do lists. I finally managed to:

(Images from here and here.)

Talk about two birds and one stone. I felt like I was in my own book club during the couple of days I spent reading the story followed by a quick trip to Redbox to get the movie.

Here's the gist of the story:

But which was better? The book or the movie? Usually in scenarios such as this, I have a clear front-runner. (It's almost always the book--no surprise, ey?) But in this case I'm split. There are parts I liked better in the book and ones I preferred in the movie. If I could splice them all into one finished product, I'd be deliriously happy.

The movie stayed pretty faithful to the source. The only big differences were the beginning (which I liked better in the book) and the ending (which I liked better in the movie, though the book was pretty cute).

In general, I'm still satisfied with the overall impact of each.

For a Jane Austen fan like myself, what I loved most was the general concept of the story. I mean, how awesome would it be to go somewhere like Austenland? To be at a place where you could pretend to be Elizabeth Bennet or Emma Woodhouse, and be wooed by the likes of Darcy, Knightley and Wentworth. It's a dream. But on top of letting the heroine live her dream, both the book and movie show what happens when you realize the dream isn't what you thought or it isn't enough.

This was maybe the funniest scene in the book or though movie (but don't watch it if you don't want to be spoiled and note the songs are different):

Has anyone else read/seen Austenland? What did you think?

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  1. I read the book and saw the movie, but a lot of time had lapsed between the reading and the viewing, so it was hard for me to compare. I remember enjoying the book and being glad when I found out they were going to make the movie. Then the friend who had told me about the book went with me to see the movie, and we enjoyed it immensely. She has a much better memory than I do, so she spotted the differences between the two media. I was just happy to get lost in JJ's eyes....

  2. I read the book and then immediately watched the movie. Even though I loved both, this is one of those VERY rare cases where I thought the movie was slightly better. I can't really get into specifics without spoilers... but the movie was so much fun and I love Bret McKenzie and Keri Russell and, of course, the gorgeous JJ. This post makes me want to watch the movie again!! :)