June 9, 2014

edit-palooza 2014: the june edition

As of Friday afternoon, I am now on a literary vacation. For one whole week, I am off of work from the day job and 100 percent focused on writing and editing.

I kicked off the weekend by making another round of edits to Book 2 with suggestions from my beta readers (kick shout-out to my betas - you rule). On Friday night, I allowed myself to have a little fun by watching the season premiere of Say Yes to the Dress: Atlanta while I consolidated my beta remarks into one document.

I'm pleased to report I only teared up once while watching. Progress!

I started making the edits first thing Saturday morning. Thanks to an early wake-up call from Mr. Bingley, I was up at 5:30, sipping coffee by 5:45 and energized enough to start by 6 a.m.

Unfortunately, my little buddy wasn't able to maintain his momentum for more than an hour.

I made it more than halfway through the edits by Saturday night and even managed to sneak in some hangout time with my nephew and watched Much Ado About Nothing, which I'd just checked out from the library. As an extra reward, I watched a couple of SYTDA episodes before bed.

I continued to make good progress throughout yesterday, though it went a little more slowly, because the second part had a few more technical clean-ups to make. I expect to finish the last couple of chapters sometime this morning. (Let's hope I didn't just jinx myself.)

I even had a little help from my editing buddy.

All in all, an excellent weekend to kick-off a writing week.

I learned some valuable lessons through the editing process, courtesy of some interesting Google searches.

Question: Do we wear makeup or make-up?
Answer: You wear makeup, but you make-up another person when you apply cosmetics to them.

Q: Is "kiss cam" a proper noun worthy of capitalization?
A: Mmm... seems to be user's choice (I found mixed opinions here and here). I'm going to go with the People magazine style until further notice.

Q: Do you give someone a smack down or smackdown.
A: It's a smackdown, y'all.

Q: Is a person a fuck up, fuck-up or fuckup?
A: It's option No. 1. (And incidentally the only f-bomb in this book. I'm making progress at cleaning up my literary sailor talk.)

I can only imagine what Big Brother must think of me now. It reminds me of the summer I tried to pen the first novel in a mystery series and had to Google, "What kinds of bugs eat human flesh?"

Oh the joys of being a writer.

With that update, I'm ready to get back to work on my first draft of Book No. 3. I'll try to check in later this week.

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  1. This is such a good idea and great inspiration for anyone who has a day job AND a writing career. Sometimes you have to just focus on one thing, instead of dividing the day between the two.

    1. It has been nice. I'll admit the editing took a bit (almost a day) longer than I'd hoped going into this weekend, but realistically it took as much time as it needed. :)

      I'm excited to get back to work on Book 3, today!