June 27, 2014

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Always a bridesmaid... always a total baller.

These days my mind is a little preoccupied by visions of lace and tulle, flowers and candles, and brides and grooms. Yes, I have weddings on my brain. And for good reason. Weddings play an important role in Book No. 2.

But because I can't tell you too much about Book 2 yet, I figured I'd do the next best thing. Post a list of wedding scenes from the movies.

***Quick disclaimer: There may be some spoilers ahead if you haven't seen any of the movies. Read at your own discretion. 

Here's a list of five of my favorite* movie wedding scenes:

1. Surprise serenade for Peter and Juliet in Love Actually

An excellent start to one of my favorite movies, I can't think of anything more lovely at a wedding than a surprise serenade about love.

And the best part about this surprise? No, it's not a friend selflessly giving his groom buddy a surprise (even though he's in love with the bride), it's the fact that now their wedding is super memorable for all of those guests, and they didn't have to go through any stress organizing the moment.

I've never been a bride, but I can imagine how nice it would be to have someone handle a big detail like this.

2. The groom's toast in When Harry Met Sally

The live band (which is mentioned in the title of this clip) is wonderful, the decorations tasteful and all-in-all it appears to be a great wedding.

And while this part of the movie gets a little tense, the speech Jess gives definitely lightens the mood. It's also a not-so-subtle jab that maybe Harry and Sally need to get over themselves and just get together already!

Future toast-givers take note from Jess. It's good protocol to include a light joke in your speech. According to my freshman speech class, it's a must.

3. Buttercup challenges the prince in The Princess Bride

So you lose a bit of the scene in this clip, but in general I love this wedding. It's rushed. It doesn't really happen. And you see Buttercup having faith in her true love even though he's probably mostly dead.

I have nothing but love for this movie. Little Laura watched it on repeat, so it's hard for me to make a movie list without including it.

Plus, "mawidge."

4. Lonestar gets the bride in Spaceballs

Yes this scene is funny, because of the bickering, the sleeping groom and the annoyed priest. It's also lovely, because the not-so-perfect, but totally perfect-for-her guy comes back to get the girl.

But the real reason this clip makes the list: Lonestar's prince garb. I mean... LOVE!

5. Ariel gets her prince in The Little Mermaid

In a slight deviation (OK, a major one) from the original story, the little mermaid and her prince tie the knot and sail off into the sunset. Though I'm usually a stickler for sticking to the original story, I have to give Disney super big props for this change. After everything both Ariel and Eric endure to find true love, and to find it in each other, this is a big payoff.

And as I've mentioned it before, just hearing the closing music from this scene (which is still on my random songs playlist, no apologies offered) makes me tear up a little.

Consequently, "wedding on a boat" has been on my short list of ideal future wedding scenarios since 1989. Even my 3-year-old self could appreciate the pretty picture painted by a wedding celebration on a yacht out at sea. Especially if we're dealing with pretty blue waters, rather than the muddy kind we have around here.

Eric looks HOT in his princely uniform (blue pants are a bold, but unique choice), and the pink icing on that wedding cake is adorable. My only real qualm: Ariel's sleeves are maybe a bit puffy. I'm willing to let that slide because this was made in the 80s before people realized big sleeves were maybe, well, a bit much. And now that I look back at my list of favorite wedding sleeves... there are a lot of puffed sleeves involved, so I shouldn't probably let myself get hung up on that detail.

Now I'd like to hear your thoughts--what are your favorite movie wedding scenes?

* I have to say "five of my favorite" rather than "five favorite," because quite frankly I put this list together on the fly and didn't do weeks of soul-searching to create a definitive list.

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