July 24, 2014

from the desk of bingley no. 5

Blogger's Note: While I make an effort to generate some serious progress on Book 3, the wonderful Bingley Chapman has agreed to oversee Change the Word. All opinions expressed in these posts are his and his alone. (Except when they're mine, but being portrayed as his.)

Sometimes tough love is the only way to keep my mom motivated. In this instance, I was catching mom taking selfies of us when she was supposed to be working on her novel. I can appreciate her wanting to capture our cuteness (we're pretty adorable), but as her best friend, I owe it to her to be honest.

I glare, because I care.

And in this moment, the honest truth was this: Put down the damn cell phone and get back to work. Just not for too long. I'm going to want to cuddle at some point, today, and I'd like to be fed.

What's the best way someone has supported you during your writing journeys?

Before we say goodbye for today, I want to share another one of my mom's selfies in honor of a very dear friend of mine, who we said good-bye to last night. This is Mom with her furry brother, Buddy, celebrating Christmas back in 2009.

We miss you, Buddy. Thank you for the love and memories you shared with us. I hope you have lots of squirrels and bacon in Heaven.

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1 comment:

  1. My bestie is the best (pun intended) at motivating me when I think I can't write another word or when I start doubting myself (which is every five seconds. ) Definitely couldn't do it without her support!
    So sorry to hear about Buddy. *hugs* He was a major cutie!