July 28, 2014

from the desk of bingley no. 7

Blogger's Note: While I make an effort to generate some serious progress on Book 3, the wonderful Bingley Chapman has agreed to oversee Change the Word. All opinions expressed in these posts are his and his alone. (Except when they're mine, but being portrayed as his.)

Rise and shine!

In addition to helping my mom's writing career by filling in on her blog and offering motivation, I also like to give her an early morning wake-up call. Sometimes, I even get her up before the first alarm! Thanks to my help, she can usually get in a little writing before she goes to work.

Are any of you early morning writers? Do you have any tricks that help you start writing promptly after you get out of bed?

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1 comment:

  1. I get up most weekdays at 4:30 a.m., so I have a solid two hours of quiet time to write. No kids, no TV, no anything. It starts my day off on the right foot, especially if I have a good writing session. The only drawback is that sometimes it's hard to stop at 6:30, when it's time to get ready for work or get the kids up for school. Other than that, I love it. I usually spend a few minutes before bed thinking about what I'm going to write about the next morning (or which scene I'm going to edit), so I can sit down and get to work right away. It's helped my production immensely. And I never would have thought it possible, since I've never been a morning person. But for some reason, spending time with imaginary people that early in the morning isn't as annoying as dealing with real people. Imagine that...