July 29, 2014

from the desk of bingley no. 8

Blogger's Note: While I make an effort to generate some serious progress on Book 3, the wonderful Bingley Chapman has agreed to oversee Change the Word. All opinions expressed in these posts are his and his alone. (Except when they're mine, but being portrayed as his.)

Mom, I think we need to talk about your use of dashes and ellipses. I've seen your MS and, well, you're kind of out of control. I appreciate your enthusiasm, but you might want to consider using some other punctuation in your novel. Just a thought.

Do any of you overuse words or punctuation in your stories? What are your biggest offenders?

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1 comment:

  1. Same here. I think it's the journalism background. I'm addicted to ellipses, because that's how people talk... with extended pauses that a comma just can't convey. I also love parentheses. (And the semicolon; however, I'm getting better about using it more sparingly.)