July 22, 2014

my tv do-over: gilmore girls, season six, episode 22

Let me tell you a little story about Luke and Lorelai. Luke owns and operates the diner in Stars Hollow, Connecticut, a fictional and quirky town not far from Hartford. Lorelai runs, and later owns, an inn.

She's also an addict. And Luke is her dealer.


OK, so it's only coffee, but those of us who can't function without our daily dose recognize the significance of the relationship we have with the person who gives it to us.

In all serious, throughout the show Gilmore Girls, as much as we fans loved watching Lorelai and her daughter Rory make faster-than-the-speed-of-sound pop culture references, we also loved watching Luke and Lorelai fall in love, realize they were in love and do something about being in love.

Things are about to get all spoilery up in here, so if you haven't seen the show and plan to organize a binge-watching session, go ahead and pause right here, get in touch with Netflix, watch the show, then come back to read this.

Are we all we caught up now? Good.

So picture it. Sixth season. A lot of hours, days, years invested in these characters, and at last Luke and Lorelai are together. They're engaged. Luke is making renovations to Lorelai's simple, but lovely home. They're talking about maybe having a kid or two together. They're in luvre.

But when Luke learns he has a child from a previous relationship, he's a little distracted, and Lorelai gets upset. It's more complicated than that, but basically, the two start arguing. Ultimately, at the end of Season Six, Lorelai gives Luke an ultimatum: Let's just get married already; what are we waiting for?

Luke, a guy who lacks the impulsive gene and took several seasons to even work-up the courage to ask out the woman he'd been silently pining for doesn't jump at the idea. So what does Lorelai do in this ill-fated finale?


When Caroline Fardig asked me to share my TV Do-Over, I knew this one had to be it, because... THIS WAS THE WORST THING THAT EVER HAPPENED TO THIS SHOW.

Phew. It felt good to say that. Even though things ended up OK for Luke and Loralei eventually, I still haven't forgiven her, and I hate-watched the final season of the show. Obviously I'm not as over this, even more than eight years later. But maybe fixing this now and forever will help.

So, here's what going to happen. Instead of Lorelai going to Christopher (who she ultimately elopes with in Season Seven, only to turn right around and divorce him a couple of episodes later), she's going to go home and spend a dark evening watching Pretty in Pink and Sixteen Candles. She'll probably eat some awful junk food (which really isn't like a coping mechanism so much as the norm for her). During that night, she'll stop to think about what she's done and said and realize she needs to chill the eff down.

When Luke shows up the next morning (and this is how the episode ends, not how the next season begins), tells her he does want to marry her, and let's go do it, she still says NO. She understands, and has been understanding, of the fact that his life has completely changed. But she's also realized she's deserving of love and attention, too.

So instead of spending Season Seven watching both of them suffer apart, because she cheated on him, and then her dealing with a hasty marriage and divorce, they both take a big old inventory of their lives, and they decide to elope at the end of the show.

It's not that big of a change really, right? It's nothing huge or grand or even really out of character. But it saves us fans--and these characters--a whole lot of heartache. And it keeps me from developing serious and major hate for a character I once loved.


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  1. YES. ALL THE FREAKING YES. I love Amy Sherman-Palladino but I don't know if I can ever forgive her for essentially abandoning her show after she fucked it up for the writers coming in for, what I consider, the worst final season of a show in the history of ever. We didn't even get a true series finale? They're all, hey, let's call it quits and just use the season finale we've already filmed as the series finale. DID THESE PEOPLE NOT REALIZE WE HAD INVESTED SEVEN YEARS IN THIS SHOW AND DESERVED SOMETHING MORE. Ahem. I am also still upset over this. I think I need a time out.

    (Good post, if you hadn't guessed that already)

  2. OMG I love GG so freakin' much. I had less of a problem with the ending of season 6 than I did with the travesty that was season 7 without Amy S-P in charge. I was so upset that they booted her it inspired my second novel (for realsies)! I know she would have handled the fallout from that kind of shocking plot twist SOOOO much better than the poor saps who tried to take over from her. After all, the woman had a P-L-A-N; she said she even knew the last line of the show all along. Maybe someday she'll spill what would have really happened in season 7. (LOL like Kaley, I got so worked up about my favorite TV show that I almost forgot to say great blog post!)

  3. I watch that show everyday (reruns) and still I'm mad at her for that. Emily gave the best description of Christopher: he's weak, lack focus and confidence but he has breading.

  4. Great post, Laura. I hated Lorelai for an entirely different reason the last season, because I was a huge Christopher fan and thought the way she treated him was SO wrong. UGH His character probably had the biggest evolution on the show and was a really good guy in the later seasons and Lorelai was always jerking him around, which drove me nuts! Being second choice is no fun and I really don't think Christopher deserved that. I spent most of S7 yelling stuff like, "Forget that *bleep*! I'll marry you, Christopher!" He took her to Paris! And he had such good hair! (Luke was totally going bald and that's why he wore that stupid baseball cap all the time.) ;) PHEW Okay, see I got passionate about this show, too. ;) I approve your changes, Laura, because they would have saved my beloved Christopher a lot of heartache. I wish I had gotten to see him happy with someone else in that series finale. Can you write that in for me? ;)

  5. Okay, I just tried to post and apparently I'm not the brightest bulb on the tree because it's not here. Not sure if it needs to be approved. :( Either way, I think you're right. This very episode ruined the show for me. It was a bonehead move on the part of the creator (whats her face, Amy something or other) and Lorelai acted in a way that made me lose complete respect for her. I actually stopped watching the show after this. So sad to ruin such a great show.

    1. Sorry for the delay--I have to approve every comment left more than seven days after the publication date. Oh technology! ;)

      Yeah, it was painful to watch the last season. I was so not OK with this plot twist. It just seemed to really undo a lot of the progress she'd made as a character in the previous several seasons.