August 1, 2014

from the desk of bingley no. 11

Blogger's Note: While I make an effort to generate some serious progress on Book 3, the wonderful Bingley Chapman has agreed to oversee Change the Word. All opinions expressed in these posts are his and his alone. (Except when they're mine, but being portrayed as his.)

Sometimes, when we're (or rather she's) having a bad day, my mom and I like to fantasize about where we'd go if we could run away from our problems. London is (obviously) one of our favorite places to plot, and we're always intrigued by Rio.

But lately we've had thoughts of Paris. For one, I look great in berets. My mom also assures me the food is great. I'm a little concerned about our ability to communicate with the locals, but I suppose we can always figure that out once we get there.

If your were running away, where would you go and why?

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1 comment:

  1. London! But Paris is a close second! :)
    That drawing of Bing in a beret is the cutest thing EVER!