August 6, 2014

from the desk of bingley no. 14

Blogger's Note: While I make an effort to generate some serious progress on Book 3, the wonderful Bingley Chapman has agreed to oversee Change the Word. All opinions expressed in these posts are his and his alone. (Except when they're mine, but being portrayed as his.)

It's Wednesday. I don't know about you, but sometimes it's hard to get through the week, and Wednesdays are kind of a blah day. I mean, we're a couple days closer to the weekend, but we're still a few days away.

Instead of freaking about this injustice, how about you go out and do something surprising. Here's me surprising my mom. She thought this was going to be your regular old selfie, but at last minute, I licked her eyelid.


How about we do a little desk dancing, today? You know... to help us cope with Wednesday. I'm not sure what this guy is talking about with this song (I'm a gentleman), but it sure sounds peppy!

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