September 23, 2014

my antonio

It would seem my wide receivers read last week's post and decided to bring their A games to work. Well, at least the wide receivers on the Lady Chapmans.

Antonio Brown earned a cool 21 points (well above his 9.78 projection). Pierre Garcon finally stopped with the whole sucking business and scored 19.8 (9.98 projected) and my darling Kelvin Benjamin once again beat the odds and spread with 17.5 (8.24 projected).

Thanks to their efforts (and only thanks to them, because everyone except my defense basically phoned it in this week) we were able to win our first game.

It's more than a little empowering to win a first game. For the moment I feel unstoppable, like I can do anything.

And while I wish I could name all three men my Prince Charming of the Week, I'm still pissed off enough about my other Fantasy team losing (I'd dish more about this, but I can't. I just can't.) and everyone else on the team deciding I'm not worth fighting...err... winning for. So... there can be only one.

My Fantasy Football Prince Charming of the week is...

Antonio Brown.

This week, Antonio made 10 catches, racked up 90 yards and... wait for it... scored TWO touchdowns. I don't even care if his team won or lost the Sunday Night Football game (I didn't watch because I was still nursing my wounds after the Packers loss earlier in the day). I only care that he played his heart out, and I can only assume he did it just for me.

Antonio makes my heart soar. He maybe even makes me feel like I could fly as this week's long-distance dedication suggests.

And, according to Rotoworld, "Brown will remain a must-start WR1 against the Bucs in Week 4."

Which means he's definitely not someone I'm willing to trade. So would my fellow league members stop trying to get me to take your sucky players in exchange for him? Because it's not going to happen, boys. I'm not an idiot. I need him. He's my everything...

Both of my teams are now working with 1-2 records, and I can't say that pleases me. I mean, maybe they're trying to be cute with this playing hard to get nonsense. But it's not working. I hate games. Unless it's a game I'm winning and that winning ends with a championship ring.

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  1. Congratulations! Antonio is a Dishy McDisherson, too. Grrrowl!