October 7, 2014

don't hate the players, hate the game... and sometimes the players

Okay sports fans, here's the deal. This weak I was cheated and defeated, and I'm left wondering when, if ever, I'll be loved.

Maybe I've made this joke in the past, but I frankly don't have the energy to look it up.

Though the week started out well enough with a Packers victory over the Vikings, sadly my beloved Aaron Rodgers didn't give me that many points before he decided to sit on the sidelines for the fourth quarter. I get that he needs to save his energy, but come on!

Saturday night was hard. My dear Huskers lost to Michigan State, though they put up a good fight. And I stand by that in the last quarter of the game--which is the one that matters most--the Huskers seriously outperformed the Spartans and they never gave up.

Learning a lesson from them, I decided not to give up on my fantasy teams, though it would've been nice. Sadly that decision was misguided. Aside from Peyton Manning and Vincent Jackson, no one else on either of my teams really showed up. And all of my consistent wide receivers decided to take a ginormous dump on this week.

So I lost both of my games. One by 10 points and the other by more than I'm comfortable admitting out loud.

Which is why, with a heavy heart, I announced that my Fantasy Football Prince Charming of the week is...

No one.

I just can't. If I'd managed to sneak out a win in at least one of the games, I might have the heart to declare this week's Prince Charming my beloved Peyton Manning (I still love you, boo), but I'm just too devastated by all of the mediocrity and flat-out failure.

Guys, Peyton and I can win this championship without you. And at this rate, we're not even going to make it to the playoffs in one of our leagues. That's beyond embarrassing. It's heartbreaking. It's devastating.

It leaves me wondering if maybe some of us in this world just aren't cut out for happily ever afters.


Now excuse me while I go listen to every sad song on my playlist and try to get over this heartbreak.

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