October 21, 2014

nobody does it better (and i never wish someone could)

I'd like to dedicate this song to a special someone, and I think you know who you are...

I wasn't looking, but somehow you found me. I tried to hide from your love light. But like heaven above me, the quarterback who loved me, is keeping all my secrets (like the fact that I benched Charles Clay in favor of Jared Cook this week) safe tonight.

No, nobody does it better than Peyton Manning, which is why my Fantasy Football Prince Charming of the week is none other than Mr. Future Hall of Famer...

Peyton Manning.

If you follow NFL even a little, then you know my one true love, my No. 1 quarterback of this fantasy season and the past two, had himself a bit of a banner weekend. Not only did he score me more than 37 points (which, honestly, is enough to land him lovey dovey nickname status in my world), but he broke Brett Favre's touchdown pass record.

Even on his worst week, Peyton Manning has been the most reliable football player on either of my teams--this season, last season and the season before. I know I had that little fling with his brother a few weeks ago, but I swear it meant nothing. I'll never go out for a hamburger again when I have a steak at home. And not just because I don't eat meat. There's just no point.

As a reminder, Peyton was my inaugural Fantasy Football Prince Charming back in 2013, and he earned one of my teams a spot in the championship game. Granted, we came in second place, but that was still 60 bucks in my pocket!

Peyton, you're everything to me. If I was a poet, I'd write sonnets about your ability to rack up the passing yardage. I'd write songs about your audibles. You are my sun, my moon, and the stars in the sky. You, and you alone, make me cheer for the Broncos every week. (Now that Eric Decker is gone, I can't even use the excuse that I'm cheering on the star of one of the most ridiculous shows to ever appear on E!)

Just keep it coming, Peyton... Baby, you're the best.

And great news, everyone. I'm almost too scared to type this for fear of jinxing myself, but both of my teams are now on two-week winning streaks. It's still way too soon to say I'm back, but at least I'm not sucking as badly as I was the last time we chatted about football.

And as you noticed, I didn't post my Prince Charming of the Week last week (I was too busy finishing the first draft of my third novel), but I'll make it up to you this week with a bonus post.

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  1. Yee-haw! Loves me some P-Mann. It was a truly special moment when he broke the record. Now, as for the rest of his team, they're my team's mortal enemies, but I cain't quit Peyton. He's just so darn loveable, on and off the field. Except when his team is kicking my team's butt.