October 29, 2014

thank you, t.y.

Not again. Just when you think that perhaps you've judged your rag-tag bunch of fantasy football players too harshly, they have to go and ruin your two-week winning streak.

And while some of my gentlemen put in a great effort, not everyone received the memo about how we were done with sucking this season.

Woe is me.

Since I've already boycotted naming a Prince Charming in the past, I suppose it wouldn't be very clever of me to boycott my boys again.

So, by default, my Fantasy Football Prince Charming of the week is...

T.Y. Hilton.

Dude scored me 25.5 points (which incidentally came out to being about a quarter of my total points for the week thanks to the losers on my team). He was going to be my Prince Charming of the week two weeks ago, when I was deep into finishing the first draft of book three, so it seems only fair that he finally received his due (He earned me 33.8 points that week).

Like my beloved Peyton, T.Y. has become someone I can count on. And that means a lot to me in these tough, tough times of mine. Did I mention I lost both of my games, again? My poor, poor ego.

I wish I could muster up more energy to brag on Mr. Hilton, but my heart is sad. Maybe I should eat candy for breakfast to fix it.

Let's hope the guys get the memo and show up to play the next few weeks. Otherwise, I can kiss my chance at the playoffs buh-bye. Come on, guys. T.Y., Peyton and Antonio Brown can't do this all by themselves!

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