December 26, 2014

grownup advent week four

I hope all of you who celebrate had a wonderful Christmas full of joy and wonderful memories with your family and friends.

Wednesday not only marked Christmas Eve, but the final day of my Grownup Advent Calendar. Overall, it was a wonderful experience and a great way to make a point to enjoy Christmas every day of the season. I also learned a few lessons about what worked best and which activities were a challenge (or kind of a dud).

Before I share a look at my final four days of this year's calendar, I invite you to join me in celebrating Christmas next season. I created Grownup Advent, a blog just for the occasion. Every day I will post a new activity or treat at the beginning of the day (6 a.m. UTC, which is 12 a.m. Central) to give you enough time to plan for the day. I've already created the schedule and most of the activities are free or can be enjoyed at whatever price you're able to pay. The point of this is to have fun--not break your bank.

So if you'll go ahead and sign up to receive updates, you'll be signed up to receive all updates from the site (including a daily email of the calendar item) for your convenience. I hope you'll have as much fun as I did this year.

With that, here's what I was up to for days 21-24.

Day 21: Drink a festive cocktail. #grownupadvent

Day 22: After inadvertently watching tonight's movie
on a previous date, I'm subbing falling asleep on the
couch with the lights (and a random Christmas movie) on.
Bonus points for wearing an ugly sweater. #grownupadvent

Day 23: Go see Christmas lights. ‪#‎grownupadvent‬

Day 24: Go ice skating. (I didn't fall!).
And that's a wrap for this year.
Merry Christmas! #grownupadvent

What was your favorite part of this holiday season?

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